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State Law Yield to Pedestrian within Crosswalk Sign on Portable Banana Base
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Part# S-8681-BASE
Size 12" x 36" (H x W)
What makes our State Law Yield to Pedestrians Crosswalk Sign unique from other pedestrian signs? Find out here.

State Law Yield to Pedestrian within Crosswalk Sign on Portable Banana Base 

Pedestrians Crossing Sign on Banana Base
Crosswalk signs not only protect pedestrians from accidents but can also provide an early warning, relaying critical safety and traffic information to motorists.

• Made from extremely durable and flexible polycarbonate plastic, both sign and post rebound upon impact with little or no damage to the sign/post system or colliding vehicle.

• The rectangular Banana Base is portable and is ideal for temporary installations where the sign system will be frequently moved from the road, street, intersection, crosswalk, etc.

• Heavy duty Banana Base is engineered to support the weight of larger crosswalk signs, yet transport is easy due to convenience of recessed handles, plus it's sturdy enough to withstand the windiest of conditions without toppling over.

• Reflexite® is a super-high intensity prismatic grade sheeting that is flexible for use on barrier and guardrail delineators (i.e. the prisms won't crack when impacted like diamond grade sheeting).

• The use of fluorescent yellow-green colors creates exceptional day visibility while the use of Reflexite® sheeting provides phenomenal nighttime reflectivity.

• Unparalleled durability will save you money from buying replacements, making this system highly cost effective.

• Yield to Pedestrian portable signs meet 2009 MUTCD guidelines.

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Part# S-8681-BASE
Size 12" x 36" (H x W)
Package 1 Sign
Material Fluorescent Yellow Green Reflexite® Reflective Plastic Sign and Post [PX-FYGR-80]
Color Black, Red, White on Fluorescent Yellow Green
Material Features

• This is the brightest and most durable sign sheeting material produced by Orafol. Reflexite Super-High Intensity Prismatic Grade sheeting offers five times the reflectivity of Engineer Grade signs yet won't crack or peel when bent like 3M Diamond Grade sheeting. Reflexite is extremely bright, abrasion resistant, flexible and UV stable.

• Rigid sign is constructed from 55 mil (.055") thick polycarbonate plastic that is flexible with UV stabilized polymers to prevent fading.

• The support post is made of a flexible plastic resistant to ultraviolet light, ozone and hydrocarbons. The post has sufficient stiffness to remain upright in windy conditions, and is capable of withstanding a minimum of 20 impacts at 70 MPH.

• These signs combine the exceptional daytime and twilight visibility of fluorescent colors with the bright nighttime reflectivity, wide angle performance and flexibility of Reflexite's cube corner microprisms. This combination provides superb clarity at the most dangerous times of the day (at dawn and at early evening times).

• Fluorescent yellow green was approved in 1998 by the FHWA for use at pedestrian and bicycle crossings located throughout the community in such places as schools, intersections, crosswalks, shopping centers, etc.

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Pedestrians Crossing Sign on Fixed Base
State Law Yield to Pedestrian within Crosswalk Sign on Fixed Sign Base
Size  :   12" x 36" (H x W)
Part#  :   S-8681
Package  :   1 Sign
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