Anti-skid Photoluminescent Floor Tape: UL1994-listed Photoluminescent Anti-Skid Floor Tape  (EXIT-83-0780) Learn More...

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Part# EXIT-83-0780
Color Photoluminescent

Product Description

Mark uneven floor levels to keep everybody safe. Use anti-skid marking tape to prevent a dangerous accident.

  • Permalight floor tapes are intended for indoor use.
  • Mark uneven floors, steps, or an entire flight of stairs easily.
  • Two-inch width conforms to that ADA requirements and helps conform to state standards.
  • Structured anti-skid vinyl surface.
  • Self-adhesive, well-suited for smooth, even floor surfaces.
  • UL1994-listed Photoluminescent Floor Tape fulfills the stringent requirements of the nationwide building codes IBC Section 1024 and IFC Luminous Egress Path Markings.
  • Floor-suitability UL1994-Listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. as CC-AST.
  • Ideal on the leading edge of landings and on every step inside an emergency staircase per building code requirements, helping to guide building occupants out to safety.
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  • 624" x 1"
  • Anti-Skid Floor Tape
  • 1" x 52 ft. Anti-Skid Photoluminescent Tape
1" x 52 ft. Anti-Skid Photoluminescent Tape
May 11
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  • Intended for indoor application, may be used to mark uneven floor levels, single steps or a flight of stairs.
  • This tape has a structured, gritty vinyl surface and is best suited for smooth floor surfaces.
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Size:624" x 1"
Material:1" x 52 ft. Anti-Skid Photoluminescent Tape
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