"No Texting While Driving" - SmartSign and You Achieving a Safer Future

No Texting and Driving School Giveaway
What You Receive: Two free products. Get two signs or two label packs, or mix and match with one of each. Signs will last for over 10 years, and vinyl labels include a long-lasting adhesive.

Did You Know? Your crash risk while texting is 23x greater. 40% of American teens say they’ve been in a dangerous texting and driving situation. Teens should learn about the dangers of texting while driving, before they get behind the wheel. Learn more about distracted driving facts and statistics.

How You Can Help: Spread the word! Post free signs in parking lots, entrances, around campus, and other locations where educators and teen drivers can see them. Give labels to students as bumper stickers and locker decorations. And, you can refer us to other educators who want to participate. Check out the full selection of No Texting and Driving Signs. Free shipping. Safer roads.

Questions? Contact Katelyn, our Community Manager, at 718.797.1900, ext. 128, or katelyn@smartsign.com to receive a coupon code for your order.
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Don't Text Drive And Sign
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Don’t Text And Drive (with Graphic)
24" x 24" (h x w)
12"x12" to 30"x30"

No Texting and Driving Sign
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No Texting While Driving
12" x 9" (h x w)

Pls Dnt Txt + Drive No Texting Label
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Pls Dnt Txt + Drive
3" x 3" (h x w)

Text Free Car (Graphic) - No Texting Label
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Text Free Car (with Graphic)
3" x 3" (h x w)
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