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Fire and Emergency Sign: Emergency Shelter (S-1538G) Learn More...

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Part# S-1538G
SPN# 73T3
Shape Horizontal

Product Description

Preperation saves lives in an emergency. Use a "emergency shelter" sign. Be prepared for every situation.

  • Safety promotes an attitude of caring that leads to higher quality work and less injuries.
  • Make safety a priority and do not let accidents happen.
  • A sign is the simple and effective way to make a point about safety.
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  • 7" x "10"
  • Glow Vinyl
  • Glow Aluminum
Glow Vinyl
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Lasts 5+ years outside. Sign glows intensely in the dark. Good water and chemical resistance Can conform to a curved surface. 140ºF Jan 27
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  • Photoluminescent signs are 9 mil thick and glows at night or in a blackout.
  • Safety grade photoluminescence meets ASTM 2072 stanard.
  • Permanent pressure sensitive adhesive.
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Size:7" x "10"
Material:Glow Vinyl
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