Part# K-Roll-1237
Size 50"h x 36"w x 30"d
Color White
Package 1 Sign
Material XL-QLA™ Quick-Load A-Frame Sidewalk Sign [MM-SSK-XL]
Contents Includes 1 sign holder comprised of 2 black sign uprights (one with wheels), 3 black cross tubes, and 1 set of assembly hardware. The DELUXE version comes with two - 28" x 44" x 4mm white sign faces with 6 letter tracks on one side of each, one set of 289 - 5" letters, numbers and symbols (black letters & red numbers), two - giant 10" double-sided headers (Sale/Special in red), and one set of 24 - giant 10" numbers with the percent symbol (red).

Deluxe XL Quick-Load A-Frame Sidewalk Sign and Letter Kit 

Deluxe Portable XL Quick-Load A-Frame Sidewalk (White)

Package : 1 Sign • Price per Sign
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Sign
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Product Description
The best sidewalk sign just got bigger! With 50% larger sign face that maximizes visibility at greater distances and allows you to create longer or multiple advertisements with more details, the XL-QLA Sidewalk Sign is sure to make an impact!

• Comes with a customizable message board allowing you to create a plethora of advertisements, messages or sales pitches.

• Larger letters and numbers increase the visibility from farther distances—enhancing the legibilty from up to 150 ft away unlike traditional sidewalk signs that are limited to 25-50 ft.

• Four anti-slip rubber feet (on the bottom of the uprights) keep the sign firmly in place when on the sidewalk to prevent shifting and dislocation due to gusts.

• The EZ Lock feature offers security by deterring unauthorized individuals from pulling out or tampering with the message board.

• Alcoved 3" wheels making moving the XL-QLA a breeze. Recessed wheels sit above the ground and engage when the unit is tipped.

• Curved sign face deflects winds of up to 30+ mph. For added stability in windy conditions fill both of the 1.5 gallon capacity ballast ports (located at the base of each upright) with water or sand for an extra 3 gallons of weight/mass.

• All components are made in the USA and offer superior quality to the imported knock-offs sold by most competitors.

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Jul 28, 2017

Size: 50" x 36" Material Type: XL-QLA™ Quick-Load A-Frame Sidewalk Sign   Verified Purchase

Sidewalk Sign

I couldn't find a sign local, so I was forced to by on line and they were fast.