Acid Warning Signs

Acid & Caustic Warning Signs
Even a drop of acid or caustic soda can cause serious burns or take away vision permanently (if contacted with eyes). Industries and plants where acid or caustic soda is manufactured, stored or handled should be marked with proper Acid & Caustic Warning Signs. Informing employees about the hazardous chemicals is not just an obligation, it is required by law. OSHA mandates communicating information pertaining to hazards of all chemicals produced or imported in a facility by various means including signs and labels.

• Signs don't just prevent accidents, they constantly remind people of safety.

• Most signs come with OSHA or ANSI signal words. You can change the signal word in header if you opt for personalization of a sign.

• Browse our gallery for simple text signs, signs with pictogram or bilingual signs.

Acid Signs

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OSHA Caution Faceshield Required... : Wear Goggles Face Shield Rubber...
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