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Find over 1,000 different emergency, evacuation and exit signs – all in stock.
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  • • Durable signs are ordered by 10,000 different schools, hotel chains and city agencies each year.
  • • Innovative emergency signs include fluorescent, photoluminescent and custom Braille signage.
  • • For more information, visit our - Emergency FAQs
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it possible to walk on the Emergency Floor Signs?


Yes, it is very much possible to walk on Emergency Floor Signs. SlipSafe™ Anti-Slip Floor Signs are made of 18 mil thick, anti-skid vinyl with enclosed grit top surface and permanent adhesive backing. The textured surface helps prevent slips and skids and makes the sign easy to walk on. This material is great for long-term use as it can withstand heavy footfall. The adhesive is so strong that it sticks to smooth floors and low-ply commercial carpets too.

Q. How big are your Evacuation Map Holders? I need a frame for my evacuation map measuring 7" x 10".


We have two sizes for our map holders -
16.25 inches x 17 inches (H x W) - Accommodates an 11" x 17" insert
11.25 inches x 11 inches (H x W) - Accommodates an 8.5" x 11" insert

For your map, you must go for our smaller size. It may leave some free space, but that should be fine. You can also add a photoluminescent glow insert for your sign (for this, your map should be on a clear sheet).

The frame of the map holder is made of attractive red plastic, and the text on the top glows in the dark. Foam adhesive strips are supplied at the back of the frame for quick and easy installation. You can simply slide your map in behind the clear plastic.

Take a virtual tour of our evacuation sign holders in this quick video.

Q. What is the material and durability of Emergency Glow-in-the-Dark Signs?


Our Emergency Glow-in-the-Dark Signs are offered in two materials:

Glow Vinyl: These are photoluminescent 9 mil thick vinyl signs supplied with permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive. The safety grade flexible photoluminescent PVC film absorbs the light by day and glows at night. Signs last for 5 years in outdoor conditions.

Glow Aluminum: Signs are made of 40 mil thick aluminum, topped with a SmartGlow photoluminescent film. The signs come with rounded corners and pre-punched holes - for easy handling and installation. Glow Aluminum Signs come with an outdoor life of at least 2 years.

Q. We want a sign displaying our specific emergency phone numbers for police, fire, and ambulance. Can you design one for us?


Customization is so easy on our site, you can design signs yourself! Try our Emergency Telephone Contact Sign template. After making all the selections like size, material, and order quantity, click on the "Personalize" button in green. On the next screen, you will see customization boxes to enter text and numbers. You can increase or decrease the letter height with two buttons next to the customization boxes. There are drop-down menus to choose a font type and alignment for your text. Clipart can be added, and the sign color can be changed too.
You can check out our entire collection of Custom Emergency Signs to find customizable signs.

On the final page, after material and hardware selection, you can check the box, "Yes, I’d like your professional artists to tweak my design at no extra charges," just in case you are not satisfied with your design. You can also send any special instructions about your order in this step. Alternatively, you can contact our customer service team to design a sign from scratch.

Q. What are the advantages of using Fluorescent Reflective Emergency Signs?


Reflectivity: Fluorescent Reflective Emergency Signs offer the best reflectivity because of highly effective fluorescent colors and the wide-angle performance of 3M micro prismatic lens technology during nighttime.

Attention-Grabbing: The high gloss fluorescent finish attracts attention and enhances visibility even when seen against a visually complex background or by a distracted viewer.

Conspicuous: These signs are uniquely conspicuous at the most dangerous times of the day (at dawn and at early evening times).

Durability: 3M Diamond Grade Fluorescent Signs are made of 80 mil thick and offer 12+ years of durability, much more than a normal aluminum sign with a minimum outdoor life of 7 years.

Q. How do 3D Projecting Emergency Signs differ from other regular signs?


3D Projecting Emergency Signs project outwards from the surface, printed on two sides. Our Projecting V-Shape Acrylic Signs are angular and offer superior visibility when approached from an angle. Projecting 3D signs are great for the middle of a hallway or aisles where traffic comes from either direction, and you can’t see what’s there in the middle. Our projecting signs have an innovative 74° bend (versus a 90° bend).

Other signs are two-dimensional and have only one surface on which the message is printed/engraved. 2D signs can be seen only from one direction. These signs only have two-axis - x (width) and y (length).

Q. How to install Emergency Ceiling Signs?


Emergency Ceiling signs can be installed in seconds. Unlike wall or door signs, these signs don’t require any special tools for installation. The sign's flange fits between your ceiling tile or ceiling grid, and the unique bent "Z" design snugs firmly into the built-in track of the ceiling. To install, just raise a ceiling tile, rest the sign on the grid, and lower the tile. Made from 35 mil thick aluminum, the signs are double-sided so that one can spot them from both directions.

Q. Will you provide free shipping if I order only one sign?


Your order must be above $49.95 to qualify for free shipping. An 18" x 24" aluminum sign would easily make up for that amount in your cart. If you go for smaller sizes, you can order two signs to get free shipping. You can even order a sign post or sign mounting hardware from us to reach the free shipping amount.