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Evacuation Signs

Every second counts. In an emergency, make sure all of your employees, guests, and loved ones know where to go.
  • • A crucial safety feature in your hotel, office, warehouse or workplace. When it comes to safety, don't take a chance.
  • • Create your own evacuation map and insert it into a durable and professional sign holder.
  • • Even during a blackout, show everyone the way. Signs absorb light during the day and shine at night, without any batteries.
  • • For more information, visit our - Evacuation FAQs
Evacution Route Map
Print your own map on a laser printer and insert it into frame. Designed to glow during blackout.
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You can save lives simply by posting your building's evacuation plan.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the material and life of Evacuation Floor Signs?

These signs are popularly known as SlipSafe™ Floor Signs. They are made of 18 mil thick, anti-skid vinyl with enclosed grit top surface and a permanent adhesive at the back for easy installation. The textured surface prevents slips and skids and makes the sign easy to walk on. The adhesive is strong enough to stick to smooth floors and even low-ply commercial carpets. Evacuation floor signs have 2+ years of outdoor life. The SlipSafe™ Glow Floor Signs are 25 mil thick, constructed from GloBrite photoluminescent film, and laminated with a pebbled finish.

Q. How do Photoluminescent Large Arrow Signs work?

Photoluminescent Large Arrow Signs are available in two different materials: flexible vinyl with adhesive and rigid, 40 mil thick aluminum. These Evacuation Route Signs are supplied with a photoluminescent film that absorbs light by day and glows at night. Signs last for 2-5 years in outdoor conditions. These signs measure 4 inches on each side. Glow in the dark technology ensures that evacuation routes are clearly visible in blackouts and other emergencies.

Q. Are all Evacuation Tags double-sided?

Yes, Evacuation Tags are digitally printed on both sides with long-lasting UV-resistant inks to prevent fading and discoloration. While some tags have the same prints on both sides, others have different messages on the front and back sides. You change the message by turning the tag such as the Evacuated/Occupied Tag .Not just the print, but the tags also come with a thick laminate on both sides. Laminates provide exceptional protection to printed images and text.

Q. Are there any color options available for evacuation signs to match them with the existing signage on our property?

Yes, you can try our Designer Evacuation Arrow Signs Select-a-Color Engraved Signs are available in 15 different colors, and the color palette includes almost all popular choices for every theme and interior. These signs are pre-printed and in stock.
If you’re looking for a personalized message, go for our Custom Evacuation Signs . Here you can add the text you want and pick one color theme for the sign that goes well with your existing signage.

Q. Which type of Braille is used on "In Case of Fire Signs"?

All our Braille signage features Grade II Braille. Grade 2 Braille is the most commonly used form of braille code found in books, public signage, and restaurant menus. It is not a "letter for letter" translation of the text; instead, it contains 265 contractions, single characters used to represent whole words or groups of letters. Braille dot cells are 0.10 inches apart, measured from the center. Braille used on our In Case of Fire Signs complies with California Braille specifications , which is also valid nationwide.

Q. We want to order several evacuation assembly signs for many areas. Do you offer discounts on bulk quantity orders?

Yes. We offer discounts on bulk quantity orders. Quantity discount is an incentive we offer that results in a decreased cost per unit of Evacuation Route Signs when purchased in greater numbers. However, all items must exactly be the same in terms of design, size, material, color, and print.