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ISO Safety Signs

In its ISO 7010 standard, the International Organization for Standardization provides graphical symbols intended for use on hazard and warning signs. Get your ISO Safety Signs for precise communication of safety information, accident prevention, fire protection, health hazard awareness, and emergency evacuation within your workplace.
  • • The symbols are categorized as Warning, Prohibition, and Mandatory Action. Choose the one that suits your needs!
  • • Crafted from robust aluminum, ISO safety signs are resistant to rust and can endure outdoor conditions for up to a decade. 3M's outdoor digital inks ensure your message remains vibrant and legible.
  • • These International Safety Signs and labels offer an effective means of communication, transcending language barriers. They are available in various sizes to accommodate your specific space and requirements.
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ISO Warning Signs

To increase worker safety in your workplace, browse our full selection of ISO warning signs.
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Pinch Point/Entanglement/Crush Gears Symbol
6"x6" to 36"x36"
Cutting of Fingers or Hand/Rotating Blade Symbol
6"x6" to 36"x36"
ISO W006 - Strong Magnetic Field Symbol
6"x6" to 36"x36"
ISO W001 - General Danger/Exclamation Symbol
6"x6" to 36"x36"
Laser LED Radiation Symbol
6"x6" to 36"x36"
Falling Materials Symbol
6"x6" to 36"x36"

ISO Mandatory Action Signs

These are just a few of our mandatory action signs. View our full range to find the best graphics for your facility.
Center Of Gravity Symbol
6"x6" to 18"x18"
Forklift Point Symbol (Right)
6"x6" to 18"x18"
Forklift Point Symbol (Left)
6"x6" to 18"x18"
Read Operator's Manual Symbol
6"x6" to 18"x18"
Safety Gloves Required Symbol
6"x6" to 18"x18"
Connect Earth Terminal to the Ground Symbol
6"x6" to 18"x18"

ISO Prohibited Action Signs

Check out our extensive library of ISO prohibited action signs.
No Smoking Symbol
6"x6" to 18"x18"
No Food Or Drink Symbol
6"x6" to 18"x18"
No Forklift Symbol
6"x6" to 18"x18"
Do Not Operate With Guard Removed Symbol
6"x6" to 18"x18"
Do Not Stand Here Symbol
6"x6" to 18"x18"
Do Not Step Symbol
6"x6" to 18"x18"