Why Choose PetRescueStickers.com?

“Hi, a few months back I had purchased a pet rescue sticker from your store for my cat … just in case. Never knew these things actually helped. Due to a fire in my building everyone had to evacuate immediately. We all had to hurry out with no time to carry anything. But, the fireman saw the pet rescue sticker on the door and saved my cat! I couldn’t thank the fireman enough and want to thank you for prompting me to buy a sticker. Thanks!”
 – Emily C.  New Orleans

Pets are like family members to pet owners. Therefore, like human family members, they should be protected. For example, you should have a plan of action if you're away at work and an emergency situation strikes. A backup safety system can be created with the help of Pet Rescue Stickers & Decals. These eye-catching decals will alert the firemen or the emergency team to save the pets left behind.

We are the largest suppliers of Pet Rescue Stickers online. To help the emergency team save your pets, place our bright and bold stickers on doors, windows or other discernible spots. We make sure with our conspicuous designs that no sticker fades in the background or goes unnoticed. 

Ten Good Reasons Why We Are THE Best Pet Rescue Stickers Store-
  1. We have more than 10 years of experience in creating and selling safety signs.
  2. Our prices are the most competitive. In fact, our prices can be as low as 50% less than the prices of the competitors.
  3. Quality of our stickers & decals is unmatched – we use only authentic, superior quality material.
  4. Variety. We bet you can’t find so many pet rescue stickers anywhere else under one roof.
  5. Our Reflective Stickers are easy to spot in low-lights and darkness too, a must have in an emergency.
  6. Durable and tough. Our stickers are wear-free and easily sustain extreme temperatures for years.
  7. Removable face adhesive makes them apt for glass doors and windows.
  8. Our adorable & expressive pet graphics add to the looks of any premise. Definitely eye-catching!
  9. Find extensive diversity in styles, colors and sizes. Pick the one that suits you the most!
  10. Customizable stickers at no extra cost! Easy and quick to create.

And here’s a bonus reason – Our live assistance team sits right here in Brooklyn to help you out with any queries. We are dedicated to providing you with excellent services! 
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