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What Makes a Sign Smart?

  • Smart Signs are Clear. Your signs are about you. They advertise your message, which needs to be crystal clear. Our award-winning symbols and industry-leading range of customizable designs makes sure that your message is not only read but understood.
  • Smart Signs are Affordable. Why spend more than you should? At SmartSign, our customers are important to us, so much so that price takes a back seat to customer loyalty. We know that when you compare us to the competition, you'll always smile at the money you save.
  • Smart Signs are Easy to Find. In the past, the right sign was nearly impossible to find. You may have had to dig through massive mail order catalogs, carpet-bombed to your address, to find your message. Or, you may have designed your own sign, and paid heavily for that privilege. SmartSign continually updates its unique design tools so that you are more than a few clicks away from the right sign. Your days of blind searches and sky-high prices are over. At SmartSign, instant searches, focused sites, and compelling landing pages all work together with you to find (or design!) your perfect sign.
  • Smart Signs are Durable. SmartSign'’s products are the most durable on the market today. While most internet retailers will rely on cheaper ink jet printing to create so-called "banner" presses, SmartSign uses 3M inks and films. We are in the business of safety, and we will never risk your message on low-quality ink that will never last outside, or indoors at some of the large municipal and industrial distributors that rely on our products. Our policy: when your life is on the line, buy smart.
Our Mission: Smarter Signs Save Lives
"We take the agony out of finding and ordering your perfect sign."
- Blair Brewster
Traditionally, signs with the right message have been hard to find, hard to design, and hard to order. SmartSign changes all that. Our office motto, after all, is “"Signs as Solutions".” Through highly targeted, content-rich and authoritative sites, SmartSign provides specific solutions to specific problems. Looking to keep our roads safe and our children safer? We have your customizable and regulation signs that remind drivers to take caution around parks and school zones. We have signs which work to decrease distracted driving and encourage drivers to put down the phone before they start the engine. Similarly, we have got signs to aid in evacuation, and signs in case of emergency. Safety is our mission, and in fact, for homeowners and managers of other potentially dangerous sites, we manufacture property and privacy signs. And we make room and door signs just for you, whether you need a plaque for the office door, Braille navigational signs, or even the occasional wacky poster for the bathroom in your home. Speaking of personal (and personality), SmartSign is always excited to help you customize your sign. Use our website or give us a call, and we will help you create something perfect for your needs (in case you have not found it already!)

At SmartSign, we work for our customers and distributors. From product to purchase to shipping to installation, SmartSign optimizes everything for you. We have the most durable signs on the market, all customizable, all in one place, and all easy to purchase. Shipping is fast and free for our customers, and since we are so confident that you will love our products -- all Smart Signs come with a price and durability guarantee. With the web'’s largest range of designs and the best price guarantee, it is easy to see why SmartSign has grown so quickly.
Our History
SmartSign origins are in groundbreaking web design technology and traditional manufacturing. For over 100 years, generations of buyers specified and ordered our parking signs from our factory. In fact, some of the very first parking signs in the US were made at our factory. While many others use lower cost materials and inks, we use the strict 3M Matched Component System for Signs as well as a clear 3M approved laminate. All this means superior life – and signs that outlast graffiti and UV attack.

After licensing our unique design tools to Staples, FedEx, OfficeMax, Grainger, and more, we made the decision in 2005 to bring our expertise, products, and technology direct to our customers. Since then, SmartSign has emerged as one of America’s 500 largest internet firms (as reported by Internet Retailer). SmartSign serves over 1 million customers, helps to manage and operates over 60 sites, From our headquarters in Brooklyn, NY, our nearly 100-strong staff is here for you. Ask us your questions and take a look at our signs: we can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

- The SmartSign Team

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