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Custom Attention Shield Sign: Add Your Instructions Here (K2-3379) Learn More...

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Part# K2-3379
SPN# 38X2
Colors Red And Black
Shape Shield
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Product Description

Adding your specific instructions to our Custom Attention Shield Sign template is easy. Just type the required text using our customization tool and choose a material for your sign.

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  • 12" x "11.5"
  • Aluminum
  • 3M Engineer Grade Reflective Alum.
  • 3M Hi Intensity Reflective Aluminum
  • 3M Diamond Grade Reflective Alum.
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Lasts 10+ years outside. Great water and chemical resistance 168ºF Mounts with screws or clips. Jan 23
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  • 63 mil thick aluminum.
  • Printed with 3M inks and materials.
  • For use indoors or outdoors.
  • Rounded corners.
  • Includes large holes for easy mounting.
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Size:12" x "11.5"
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