Quotation for Custom Brass Signs

We deeply engrave into the brass and then fill the letters with a durable paint enamel (usually black). These brass signs (which we call our Bugle Brass signs) are goregous and the perfect complement to an elegant setting. Complete the easy form below and you will instantly receive an online quote for your custom brass sign.

• Unlike others, we do not charge a “per letter fee”. Our prices are fixed, regardless of the number of characters.

• For a lower cost brass signs, we also offer our Cymbalic line (in all sizes). Cymbalic brass signs use s sublimation process for your custom print. With superior resolution, Cymbalic brass signs are ideal for detailed graphics and text-intensive signs or signs that have an elaborate graphic or logo. Cymbalic signs are made from 20 mil brass.

• Our silver signs are made of 40 mil polished aluminum (not brass). Another option for silver metal signs is our nickle silver. Copper is also available. Please contact our CSR team.

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Size Material Sale unit Price 1 5 10 15 25
    1.5 x 3 BRSMALL Cymbalic Brass 1 sign per sign $14.05 $12.99 $12.32 $10.68 $9.90
    12 x 24 BRLARGE Bugle Heavy Brass 1 sign per sign $293.91 $284.20 $270.99 $267.56 $229.02
    3 x 10 BRSMALL Bugle Heavy Brass 1 sign per sign $56.17 $50.99 $49.61 $45.43 $41.22
    4 x 12 BRMEDIUM Cymbalic Brass 1 sign per sign $43.03 $40.99 $38.88 $34.57 $29.15
        1 5 10 25 50
    2 x 8 BRSMALL Cymbalic Brass 1 plate per plate $19.95 $18.95 $18.00 $17.00 $15.00
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Bugle Heavy Brass

Cymbalic Brass

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