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Children at Play Signs (56266)

  • Children at play signs
Remind drivers to slow down around neighborhood parks, events, school playgrounds, and more. Choose from a variety children at play designs to attract attention in sensitive areas.
  • • MUTCD-approved, yellow fluorescent, diamond grade reflective signs are hard to miss and offer terrific visibility, dusk or dawn.
  • • Self-standing floor signs and roll-away sidewalk signs are perfect temporary warnings, ideal for safeguarding your kids.
  • • Lasts for over 10 years. Resists fading, abrasions, and chemicals.
  • • For more information, visit our - Children At Play FAQs
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Best Selling Children at Play Signs (57288)

Customer’s most favorite designs! Vibrant signs in yellow, fluorescent and full-color print immediately grab attention. Pick your required size and shape.
Kids Playing Symbol Sign
Watch Out For Children (crossing Symbol) School Sign
Caution Children At Play Aluminum Property Sign
18"x18" to 24"x24"
Child At Play Symbol Sign
Children Playing with Ball Sign
18"x18" to 30"x30"
Slow, Children at Play Aluminum Sign
12"x18" to 18"x24"
Slow Children At Play Sign (with Graphic)
Slow, Children at Play Aluminum Sign
Kids Cycling Sign
12"x18" to 18"x24"
Slow, Children Aluminum Sign
12"x18" to 18"x24"
Slow Autistic Child At Play Sign
12"x18" to 18"x24"
Slow Down - Children Playing Sign
Private Drive Children At Play Sign
STOP Please Close Gate Children At Play Sign
Caution, Children at Play (red) Aluminum Sign
12"x18" to 24"x30"
Please Drive Slowly Love Sign Our Children Sign
12"x18" to 24"x30"
Watch Children At Play Sign
Watch Children At Play Sign
Please Slow Down Kids and Dogs at Play Sign
12"x18" to 18"x24"
Children at Play Slow Down Sign
Kids and Pets at Play Slow Down Sign
Slow Down Kids and Pets at Play LawnBoss Sign and Stake

Best Selling Designer Children at Play Signs (83539)

Go designer! Attractive dome and oval-shaped signs, high on architectural elegance. Browse full designer children at play signs collection for more options.
Drive Slowly Children Playing (symbol) Sign
Drive Slowly Children Playing Sign
Caution Watch For Children Dome Shaped SignatureSign
Drive Slowly Children Playing Sign with Symbol
Slow Children At Play SignatureSign
Slow Down Kids And Pets At Play SignatureSign

Best Selling Portable Children at Play Signs (112061)

If your children don’t stay in one place, why should the sign? Choose from a variety of portable and easy-to-maneuver signs that can follow the latest play spot!
Slow Children At Play ConeBoss Sign
Slow - Children At Play
8" x 15" (h x w)
Caution Children Playing Floor Sign
Caution - Children Playing (with Graphic)
23.5" x 12.25" (h x w)
Children Cycling Sidewalk Sign Kit
Children At Play With Kids Cycling Graphic
36" x 24" (h x w)
Drive Slowly We Love Our Children Sidewalk Sign
Please Drive Slowly We Love Our Children
36" x 24" (h x w)
Slow Children and Dog Playing Portable Sidewalk Sign Kit
Slow - Children and Dogs Playing
36" x 24" (h x w)
FlexPost Slow Children At Play Decal
FlexPost "SLOW Children At Play" Decal Only for Flex Paddle
29.5" x 7.5" (h x w)
FlexPost Slow Children At Play Paddle
FlexPost "SLOW Children At Play" Paddle Kit
41" x 9" (h x w)
FlexPost Slow Children At Play Paddle Portable
FlexPost "SLOW Children At Play" Paddle with Portable Base
41" x 9" (h x w)

Child at Play Signs (57287)

  • Post a bright sign that's visible at night to alert drivers on the roads.
  • Learn why our children at play signs are so important.
  • Laminated, heavy-duty aluminum with a stake or cast iron base.
  • Easy to assemble. Wind proof and easy to reposition.
  • MUTCD-approved bright signs offer high visibility.
  • Protect kids from dangers like traffic, smoke, and drugs.
  • MUTCD-approved, fluorescent yellow-green and other designs.
  • Enforce rules with a helpful, humorous sign for your kids.
  • Ensure constant supervision of little ones. Stock and custom.
  • Alert drivers to slow down in areas near your grandkids.
  • Prevent infant abandonment with baby safe haven designs.
  • Sign kits have an internal spring. Great for your cul-de-sac.
  • Solidify family values! Perfect for home, church or gifting purposes.
  • Encouraging signs for sporting & team events. Choose signs or labels.
  • MUTCD-compliant, reflective and portable signs for kids’ safety.
  • Made of highest quality aluminum, suited for outdoor installation.
  • Mark special needs zones. High-quality aluminum signs with 3M parts.
  • Beautiful and elegant signs, available in reflective options too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have Children at Play Signs in plastic material?


While most of the Children At Play signs come in aluminum metal, we do offer some plastic sign options as well. Our Slow Children At Play Sign and Slow Autistic Child At Play Sign are 160 mil thick corrugated plastic. 24 x 36 inch signs are very lightweight and easily slide into a pre-slotted BigBoss Sign frame. Plastic sign panels also come with our Mini A-Frame sign kits. Also, our ConeBoss Signs are made of 3/16 inch thick plastic. Printed on both sides, these cone top signs fit snugly over most common size traffic cones.


Q. Do your stake signs come with attachment hardware?


LawnBoss® Sign & Stake Kit comes with a 12 x 10 inch Slow Down - Kids And Pets At Play sign, a three-foot-long stake, and necessary mounting hardware that includes two screws and bolts. The stake comes in two parts. The two parts of the stake have to be snapped together. To attach the stake to the sign, just line it up with predrilled holes and fasten the two screws and bolts with your finger. The tapered end makes installation a breeze, with just a push into soft ground. For hard-packed floors, a hammer can be used.

Q. Are the Designer Kids At Play Signs reflective?


Yes. Our Designer Kids At Play SignatureSign series is available in 3M reflective aluminum metal. Signs are 80 mil thick and last for 10 years outdoors. 3M’s High-Intensity Reflective surface makes the sign visible in the dark and helps meet DOT requirements for parking lots. Designer signs showcase architectural elegance that is blended well with durability. Available in four color schemes (Green, Burgundy, Burgundy Reversed, and Green Reversed), these dome-top signs are also available in non-reflective versions.

Q. What is the technology behind FlexPost Slow Children At Play Signs?


The FlexPost Slow Children At Play Signs are made of ? inch thick impact and UV-resistant high-density polyethylene, offering 360° flexibility. The sign rebounds if hit accidentally and protects the vehicle from unnecessary damage. These signs can withstand repeated 60 MPH impacts. The flexibility is granted by an internal steel zinc-coated spring. The paddle kits are double-sided and include two engineer-grade reflective adhesive labels reading “Slow Children At Play” for the sign faces. You can choose between a portable kit or a fixed one with asphalt, concrete, or ground anchoring kit.

Q. Which Children At Play Sign is brighter - fluorescent yellow or fluorescent yellow-green?


The actual brightness of the sign color depends on the light source.

Fluorescent yellow is approved by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for use on all yellow warning signs. Fluorescent reflective signs are used for extra emphasis and conspicuity at dawn and in early evening times, considered the most dangerous times of the day.

Fluorescent yellow-green has been officially required in a school zone or pedestrian/bicyclist area since 1992 when the FHWA experimented with this color on five pedestrian and bicycle crossings in Washington D.C. The study results indicated that the FYG signs caught the attention of drivers more effectively than just yellow signs.

Q. What is your return policy on stock and custom Children At Play Signs?


If our order does not satisfy you, call us within 60 days of receipt to return undamaged, unused stock products. We do not accept returns of custom products, including Children At Play Signs, international orders, or returns made more than 60 days after delivery. See our terms for more details.

Customer Reviews

Man User Icon
Sep 30, 2021

18" x 18" SignatureSign : Slow : Children At Play (with...
Part #: K-6878 18" x 18" Reflective Aluminum Signature Designer Signs   Verified Purchase

proof will be told

nicely made with heavy-duty steel, paint. we'll see if they work if the cars slow down.
Woman User Icon
Sep 10, 2021

18" x 18" SignatureSign : Slow Down : Kids And Pets At Play...
Part #: K-6874 18" x 18" Reflective Aluminum Signature Designer Signs   Verified Purchase

Beautifully Stated Sign

Nice, bright , well made and classically classy
Woman User Icon
Sep 07, 2021

Floor Sign : Caution - Children Playing (with...
Part #: SF-0145 23.5" x 12.25" FloorBoss Kit: Frame + 2 Panels   Verified Purchase

Light weight and portable

I like that this sign is lightweight and portable. It allows us the ability to move it to whatever location it is needed. I would definitely recommend this sign.
Woman User Icon
Aug 13, 2021

Slow Down Kids at Play Sign : Slow, Children at Play
Part #: K-2000 24" x 18" Engineer Grade Reflective Aluminum Sign, 80 mil   Verified Purchase

Love them

Highly visible, large, and sturdy signs. Serves the purpose of protecting our children. Signs arrived quicker than we expected.
Man User Icon
Jul 20, 2021

ConeBoss Sign : Slow - Children At Play
Part #: CB-1113 8" x 15" Reflective “No-Tip” Traffic Cone Sign - Two Sides Printed   Verified Purchase

Easy and Visable

Easy to set up, very visible