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Die-Cut Letters Symbols Sheet: 1 Inch Assorted Letters, Numbers and Symbols (NL-1.0-ASST) Learn More...

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Part# NL-1.0-ASST
Shape Die-cut
Assorted sheet includes: period (18 each); comma / apostrophe (11 each); hyphen (10 each); E (9 Each); A (8 each); I (7 each); R, S (5 each); B, F, J, L, O, T, U, 1, 2, 3, / (4 each); C, D, G, H, M, N, P, *, — (3 each); K, Q, V, W, X, Y, Z, ?, !, $, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, @, tilde (2 each); (), " ", &, %, +, ¢ (1 each).

Product Description

Manage your inventory better in a warehouse or during transportation by marking each product with our durable die-cut letters, numbers and symbols.

  • Assorted labels can be used to make a unique combination and code for each object.
  • Marked products are less susceptible to theft or tampering.
  • Choose from a variety of colors in reflective or vinyl characters. Black is only offered in vinyl.
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Quantity / Price (Per Sheet)
  • 10" x 14"
  • Die-Cut Letters & Numbers
  • Vinyl
  • Reflective
Label has 5+ years outdoor durability. Great water resistance. Good water and chemical resistance Can conform to a curved surface. 180ºF Feb 9
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  • 4 mil thick vinyl with UV inhibitors for extended use.
  • Numbers and letters for inside and outside.
  • Feature a permanent acrylic adhesive.
  • Outdoor life of over 5 years.
  • Die-cut, for individual choices.
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Size:10" x 14"
Material: Vinyl
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Customer Reviews

Man User Icon
Apr 09, 2019

Size: 10" x 14" Material Type: Extended Life Vinyl Labels   Verified Purchase

Slight differences between individual letter/numbers vs label sheets

In my recent order I got both individual letters and numbers along with label sheets - the whole alphabet + numbers + symbols. The fonts between the two sets are slightly different and the individual letters/numbers are shinny vinyl whereas the sheets are matte. I also think the individual letters are slightly less than 4 mil, or the sheets are thicker than 4 mil, but they are clearly not the same thickness. I prefer the sheets over the individuals as they are easier to work with. Ordering online was easy, but calling in to get a quote didn't meet my expectations - I asked for two, one for black lettering and one with all white, and I only ever got one quote. My order was shipped quickly, with the sheets coming from one location and the individuals coming from a second.
Man User Icon
Feb 19, 2019

Size: 10" x 14" Material Type: Engineer Grade Reflective Numbers & Letters   Verified Purchase

As expected.

Exactly what I expected. Stickers, shaped like letters.
Man User Icon
Mar 23, 2018

Size: 10" x 14" Material Type: Extended Life Vinyl Labels   Verified Purchase

Quality product

Perfect size letters and numbers for marking book spines
Man User Icon
Jan 17, 2018

Size: 10" x 14" Material Type: Extended Life Vinyl Labels   Verified Purchase


Looked good, worked fine for our purposes Thanks
Man User Icon
Dec 28, 2016

Size: 10" x 14" Material Type: Extended Life Vinyl Labels   Verified Purchase

Just what I needed.