Door Nameplates

Whether you keep an open- or closed-door policy, put your name on it so everyone knows where to find you. The custom wizard lets you review your nameplate design before buying.
  • • From affordable XpressPlates to custom gold SliderSigns, find the perfect fit for your office below.
  • • Numerous designs and colors ensure you'll have a stylish way to welcome people into your personal space.
  • • Nameplates are easy to design and ship quickly.
  • • For more information, visit our - Door Name Plates FAQs
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Custom Slider Signs

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2.25" x 10" Custom SmartSlider™ Sign
Custom Slider Sign - Do Not Disturb/Welcome
Custom 2.25" x 10" SmartSlider™ Sign
SmartSliders™ Custom Slider Sign
Custom 2.25" x 10" Silver SmartSlider™ Sign
SmartSliders™ Custom Slider Sign
Custom 2.25" x 10" Gold SmartSlider™ Sign

Custom Door Nameplates

Logo nameplates are UV printed in full color on clear glossy acrylic. Add a logo or a design.
Pick a nameplate that's as impressive as you are, with an elegant, classic option in heavy bugle brass or cymbal-like brass.
Tired of the same thing? Choose one of our vibrant styles, include your name, and mount on your door for a truly unique nameplate.
Ideal in high-traffic areas, pick a more durable option to point out your door. Door nameplate snaps into the black, molded frame.
Stylish XpressPlates mean you don’t have to sacrifice affordability for quality. Choose from 3 different sizes and a selection of 30+ colors.
  • Need to display humorous job titles? Select from a range of funny nameplates available in various colors

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I install my office door name plates?


Depending on the type, Door Name Plates come with the following installation options - 

Name Plate Holder: A name plate easily slides in the holder’s frame. After customization, a choice of wall holders will be displayed to you. Name plate wall holders are available in different colors like Black, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold. The holder is supplied with two pre-drilled holes for easy mounting on a wall or door.

Foam Adhesive Strips: Most name plates like ExecuPlates are supplied with two foam adhesive strips for free. Double-sided foam strips or dots work well on clean and dry surfaces.

Mounting Holes and Screws: There are two hole-placements to choose from - two side holes and four corner holes. Screws are included with these hole options.

Molded Frame: Your nameplate is mounted in a molded frame. You can order such name plates with magnetic, foam adhesive, Hook and Loop Fastener strips for easy installation or doors.

Other types of name plates like desktop plates or cubicle plates have different sets of installation options.

Q. I like the look of ExecuPlates. Are these name plates printed or engraved?


ExecuPlates are one of our most rich-looking brass name plates. These name plates are available in two varieties, one of which is printed and the other is engraved.

Bugle Brass: These 40 mil thick brass plates are diamond engraved with a black urethane fill, so the high-resolution text is visible even from a distance.

Cymbal-like Brass: These lightweight plates are digitally printed sublimated in a solid metal plate. The nameplates look engraved but are not.

Check out this comparison video for the exact difference between the two materials.

Q. Which are the most affordable custom door name plates among all?


Door XpressPlates are the most affordable Custom Door Name Plates we offer. You can save more when you order these nameplates in bulk at once. An XpressPlates nameplate of the size 2-inch x 8 inches is priced around 10 dollars. These are engraved plastic plates with 60 mil thickness. The economical, engraved nameplates are durable enough to tolerate temperatures up to 170°F and are ideal for industrial applications.

Q. Which file formats are acceptable if I upload my logo for the name plate?


You can upload your full color logo in the following formats: 

.jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png, .tif, .pcx, .tiff, .jpeg

Our customization tool is versatile and user-friendly. Files up to 2.5 MB can be uploaded for free. Full-color UV printing creates one-of-a-kind plates. Contact customer service for any assistance with custom work, for free.

Q. Is there a minimum order quantity for Door Name Plates? Or can we order just one?


Yes, you can order just one Door Name Plate. There is no minimum order quantity. Just pick your plate style, choose a size, add your name and job title, select a font, adjust text, choose a nameplate color, and enter the quantity. Discounted pricing on bulk purchases.

Q. With which custom door name plate option, would I get maximum color options?


Both TechPlates and XpressPlates come with 38 different color options - the maximum of all. Pick a color that coordinates the nameplate with the rest of your decor. Both of these materials have a colored top layer that, once engraved, exposes the contrasting core color.

Q. Which would be the most elegant and premium nameplates to choose from?


Bugle Heavy Brass name plates, also called ExecuPlates, are the most elegant and premium variety to choose from. Custom name plates in this material are our thickest and most durable option. Create a great first impression for your visitors, customers, and clients with this high-quality premium material. Even PicturePlates name plates fall in our premium category.

Q. Are name plates reflective?

No, these name plates are not reflective. Plates are made of acrylic, brass, or plastic and work well indoors. Contrasting font and background colors give good visibility to the nameplates, though.

Q. Are TechPlate Nameplates only available in a black frame? Is there any way to change the frame color?


Our TechPlate Nameplates are available only in a black frame for the best look and a professional appearance. A durable, black molded frame protects your name plate (that snaps into the frame from behind) and stands out on your door. It is not possible to change the frame color, but you can choose a color for your name plate. Watch our demonstration video to have a nearly hands-on experience of the plate.

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2.25" x 10" Custom SmartSlider™... : Add Your Custom Slider Text
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The sign was exactly what I ordered. Excellent quality and fast delivery.
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2.25" x 10" Custom SmartSlider™... : Add Your Custom Slider Text
Part #:SE-3649 2.25" x 10" SmartSliders™ Changeable Door Signs   Verified Purchase

Pragmatically useful

Very useful sign. I am a therapist and it helps to let anyone in the lobby know that I am available. I’ve always liked this company and plan on continuing to do so.
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2.25" x 10" Custom SmartSlider™... : Add Your Custom Slider Text
Part #:SE-3649 2.25" x 10" SmartSliders™ Changeable Door Signs   Verified Purchase

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Excellent sign and very quick with delivery. Was perfect and professional! Thank you!
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