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Acrylic Holder, 8” x 10”: Evacuation Map Holder with Stand-Offs (MB-0005-EVAC) Learn More...

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Part# MB-0005-EVAC
SPN# 5D89
Shape Vertical

Product Description

Use this durable acrylic sign holder to display any message that you want to bring to people's notice, be it a room number or your certificates.

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  • 8" x 10"
  • Sign Holder
  • Standoff Sign Frame
Standoff Sign Frame
Aug 10
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  • Made from 125 mil (1/8") thick acrylic sheet that is crystal clear and more durable than glass - designed to sandwich and protect your insert while remaining discernible to viewers.
  • Includes four satin aluminum caps and standoff barrels that measure 1/2" in diameter allowing the acrylic panels to be offset from the wall or door 3/4".
  • Hanging hardware includes a set of four 1.5" all purpose screws with plastic anchors.
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Size:8" x 10"
Material:Standoff Sign Frame
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