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Exit Sign Terminology

"What is an Egress?" Explaining Common Exit Safety Terms
Photoluminescent markings light your path of egress
Photoluminescent markings indicating the Egress or exit path
Chevrons (directional arrows) point you in the right direction during emergencies
Chevron or indicational arrow on both sides of EXIT.
This common term refers to an Exit, or Exit Path system that you will be marking with photoluminescent signs and material.
These are units of measure the brightness of light levels on a surface. 54 lux, or 5 candles, is the minimum amount of light that can be on whenever a building is occupied. A photoluminescent Exit sign or arrow can operate with less than one (1) candle of brightness in the building. Relatively speaking, photoluminescent material can operate with very low levels of flourescent and natural light surrounding it.
Tritium is a radioactive substance that is a popular self-luminating sign material. Tritium has a limited lifespan compared to photoluminescent material (from 10-20 years) and requires disposal fees when they are removed. Unlike photoluminescent signs, however, they do not require outside light for absorption and output.
A Chevron refers to the directional arrows that come with some photoluminescent Exit signs, pointing in a particular direction toward a viable Exit. Chevrons either point left ( < ) or right ( > ).
This refers to the special pigment that is embedded in our Exit Signs. Photoluminescent pigment absorbs flourescent light, natural light, and mercury vapor to efficiently store light and emit light in a dark environment. Photoluminescent material can, in theory, produce light forever, or for the life of your sign. Photoluminescent material and Exit signs are not radioactive, and are safe to use anywhere.
Universal Mount
This refers to an Exit Sign that can be mounted a from the top, or from the side (flag mount) and are double-sided. These signs make it easy to see the Exit coming from both directions, and are great for long hallways and rooms.