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Pet Rescue Stickers: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are pet rescue stickers?


Pet rescue stickers are a visual communication tool designed for the safety of pets during any emergency. These stickers alert passersby, neighbors, and emergency responders about pets being trapped inside a house, shop, office, or any other building and improve the chances of rescue. They do the talking when our beloved companions can’t!

Q. Do pet rescue stickers work?


Pet rescue stickers are often an effective technique to ensure help reaches your pets. Given that people may not by default lookout for pets when responding to an emergency, it is a good idea to explicitly mark their presence with the help of strategically placed stickers. While placing a sticker does not guarantee a rescue, it is better than no communication. The odds of a firefighter being alerted to a pet’s presence after seeing these stickers are higher.

When using pet rescue stickers, it may be a good idea to opt for ones that can indicate the type of pets and the number of each type present inside a building/facility. It is also recommended to mention the name and contact of your veterinarian. Using reflective stickers may further improve the effectiveness of these emergency communication devices.

Moreover, pet rescue signs that are visibly larger than stickers can also be used in yards or outside walls to ensure spotting your emergency rescue message.

Q. Where should pet rescue labels be placed?


Pet rescue labels should be installed in places where the likelihood of them being spotted by emergency responders and other people is high. Windows and doors are usually the best places to apply these. Ensure you use the right size stickers and do not stick too many of these at one place, or they might be ignored.

Q. Can one call 911 to report a pet emergency?


911 is primarily for emergencies involving humans. It should not be contacted to report or seek help with pet emergencies unless it is a case of a pet attacking a human or something similar. When your pet is in a dangerous situation, the best approach would be to contact the local humane society, a wildlife rescue or rehabilitation center, trusted veterinarians, and 24-hour emergency veterinary services.

Q. What is the National Pet Fire Safety Day?


Celebrated every year on July 15, National Pet Fire Safety Day is an observance to remind pet owners to think about their pets when planning home fire routes and safety. It was declared in the year 2009 by the American Kennel Club in association with ADT Security Services and aims at educating pet owners about taking measures to prevent fires and plan for unexpected emergencies effectively.

Q. Are there any fire safety measures one can take to keep their pets safe?


Pet safety is a matter of utmost importance for most pet owners. There are measures they can take towards that end. These include installing monitored smoke detectors that intimate firefighters when a fire breaks out. These will work even in your absence. Much like childproofing, it is recommended to pet-proof the home to ensure your furry friends don’t accidentally start a fire.

It is a good idea to be aware of the pet’s resting/hiding spots so that they may be reduced in time in case of an emergency. You may also put in place an emergency escape plan and practice it with your pets. Having emergency supplies and traveling kits ready can prove to be rather helpful. Have your pets wear collars and tags with up-to-date identification at all times, especially if you live in a fire-prone neighborhood. Microchipping the pet(s) may be a better, safer, and more permanent option.

You may install pet rescue stickers that inform emergency responders and passersby about pets being present. It is a good practice to mark evacuated on these stickers when you manage to escape with your pets and help the responders save precious time. You should have the contact information of your nearest animal hospital handy.

Please note that it is often best to evacuate with the pets rather than leaving them behind and run the risk of them not being rescued or eloping and landing in a dangerous situation. If you plan to leave home for someplace you cannot take the pets along - it may be best to leave them in the care of a shelter or with friends/relatives.

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Looking for Pet Rescue Stickers?
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