What is a Confined Space?
Is this a confined space?

Almost all plants have dozens, if not hundreds of Confined Spaces. There are three criteria for a Confined Space:

  1. Space is big enough to enter and do work.
  2. There is limited means of exit and entrance.
  3. It is not intended for continuous occupancy.

Once classified as a Confined Space you must then determine if it requires a permit to enter. This determination is based on whether:

  1. The space has a hazardous, toxic or asphyxiating atmosphere.
  2. There is an engulfment potential (i.e., a sewer could flood and drown you).
  3. There is a potential for serious safety hazard (for example, propellers start turning). Having a LOTO program, itself, does not satisfy this criteria.
  4. There is a danger of entrapment (for example, a chute or a catacomb).

For more information on confined spaces see the OSHA regulations 1910.146.

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