Vinyl Cloth 1 Inch character height, black on yellow, A-Z Alphabet Kit
Part# NLS-VC-1-AZKit
Size 1.5" x 0.875" (H x W)
Color black on yellow
Package 260 Markers/Kit
Material Vinyl Cloth Adhesive Numbers & Letters (Removable) [SD-VC]
Contents 260 Markers per kit (kit includes one card of each letter and each card has 10 markers)
WARNING for Proposition 65

Vinyl Cloth Letter Kit - 1" Height 

A-Z Letter Kit - 1 Card per Letter, 10 Markers per Card, 260 Markers total

Package : 260 Markers/Kit • Price per Kit
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Kit
1 2 4 10 20
$22.94 $22.29 $20.89 $20.17 $19.50
Quantity :
Package : 260 Markers/Kit
[ Kit = Markers total]
Product Description
Large Vinyl 1 Inch cloth numbers and letters feature the most flexible, durable design with a cloth-like feel, black on yellow(A-Z Letter Kit). These bold numbers are ready to solve all of your marking and inventory needs.

• Vinyl cloth letters feature black letters with a yellow background.

• Letters feature a high-bonding adhesive that is great for racks, bins, boxes, and more.

• Vinyl cloth offers a durable, grooved fiber that is great for environments with normal wear and tear.

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