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BigBoss Standard Deluxe A-Frame Roadside Sign Holder and Letter Kit: Rolling White Roadside Changeable Message Board Sign (K-ROLL-1076) Learn More...

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Part# K-ROLL-1076
Color White
Shape Horizontal
Contents Includes 1 sign holder comprised of 2 black sign uprights (one with wheels), 3 black cross tubes with foam spacers (2 with steel), and 1 set of assembly hardware. The DELUXE version comes with two - 36" x 48" x 4mm white sign faces with 5 letter tracks on one side of each, one set of 421 - 5" letters, numbers and symbols (black letters & red numbers), two - 10" double-sided headers (Sale/Special in red), and one set of 22 - jumbo 10" numbers & the percent symbol (red).

Product Description

It's no secret, a larger sign can reach a larger audience. Yet cumbersome sidewalk signs that remain indoors rarely do. Our BigBoss Standard Roadside Sidewalk Sign is as easy to use routinely as 1-2-3; just customize your message then lift, tip and roll - it's that simple!

  • Kit includes a large assortment of high quality letters and numbers that can be used to create your own custom messages, please see contents for details. It’s easy to change your message at any time.
  • Functional and appealing, the sheer size of the BigBoss Roadside is sure to attract attention while providing more space for advertisements, promotions or discounts.
  • Larger letters and numbers increase the visibility from farther distances—enhancing the legibilty from up to 150 ft away unlike traditional sidewalk signs that are limited to 25-50 ft.
  • The EZ Lock feature offers security by deterring unauthorized individuals from pulling out or tampering with the sign.
  • Curved sign face deflects winds of up to 30+ mph. For added stability in windy conditions fill the ballast ports (located at the base of the uprights) with water or sand.
  • Alcoved 2.5" wheels make moving the BigBoss Roadside a breeze. Recessed wheels sit above ground level and engage when the sign is tipped for rolling. When in use, sign rests on four rubber "no slide" feet.
  • All components are made in the USA and offer superior quality to the imported knock-offs sold by most competitors.
  • You can purchase extra numbers for this kit by clicking here.
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  • 36" x 48"
  • Sidewalk Sign
  • BigBoss Standard Roadside Sign Holder
BigBoss Standard Roadside Sign Holder
Label has 7 years outdoor durability. Good water resistance. This is one of our better selling products. Great water and chemical resistance Accommodates insert panels on the front & rear of the unit. Jul 16
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  • The A-Frame legs feature curved channels that are designed to fit any 48" (w) x 36" (h) material with a thickness of 4mm (3/16"). This contour allows any inserted sign component to deflect winds of to 30+ mph.
  • Alcoved 2.5" wheels are suspended above the ground and can be deployed by simply tipping the frame – providing easy transport or maneuverability.
  • For additional support and stability in windy conditions, the A-Frame legs have a built-in ballast port that is able to accept water or sand. Each ballast is able to hold approximately 3 quarts of water for a total of 1.5 gallons of additional weight.
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Size:36" x 48"
Material:BigBoss Standard Roadside Sign Holder
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Customer Reviews

Man User Icon
May 18, 2020

Size: 36" x 48" Material Type: BigBoss Standard Roadside Sign Holder   Verified Purchase

Fast Delivery. Easy to use. Easy to move.

Perfect for what we need right now. Easy to use, easy to move.
Man User Icon
Dec 16, 2019

Size: 42" x 52" Material Type: BigBoss Standard Roadside Sign Holder   Verified Purchase


awesome - even better than it looks - easy to move
Man User Icon
Sep 06, 2019

Size: 42" x 52" Material Type: BigBoss Standard Roadside Sign Holder   Verified Purchase

Great sign

Great sign, is huge, exactly what I wanted
Woman User Icon
Aug 21, 2019

Size: 42" x 52" Material Type: BigBoss Standard Roadside Sign Holder   Verified Purchase

Great Sign!

This sign is well worth the money! Sturdy, easy to put together, and a great size!
Woman User Icon
Aug 07, 2019

Size: 42" x 52" Material Type: BigBoss Standard Roadside Sign Holder   Verified Purchase

So big and great quality

I love the sign it's huge and you are able to write quite a bit on it I've only had it two days but so far I have gotten numerous customers off of it. Love this sign :)