Anti-skid Polycarbonate Floor Dots, Self-adhesive: Anti-Skid Photoluminescent Polycarbonate Floor Dots (EXIT-83-40109) Learn More...

Part# EXIT-83-40109
Color Photoluminescent
Shape Circle

Product Description

Stick these circular photoluminescent, polycarbonate floor dots to guide everyone towards the exit during an emergency.

  • Self-adhesive, anti-skid dots are ideal to guide traffic to the desired location in your facility.
  • One dot per foot is ideal.
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  • 4" Circle
  • Bumper Guards
  • Photoluminescent Dots
Photoluminescent Dots
Feb 13
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  • Dots have a self-adhesive back and come with a tough vinyl surface. Surface is similar to anti-skid tape.
  • Item comes 10 per package.
  • The luminance for the dots is 150/22.
  • Dots come in a variety of different diameters and are great to brighten pathways and stairwells. Anti-skid surface helps avoid slips and falls when placed on the floor.
  • Placing one dot for every foot is best.
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Material:Photoluminescent Dots
10 Dots/Dots
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