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Shipping Labels and Packing Tapes

Use the best shipping labels for your packages to ensure they reach the right place! Explore our wide range of easy-to-spot shipping and mailing labels and tags that come with strong adhesive backing. Labels use universally recognized symbols and comply with transport and other applicable regulations.
  • • Mark boxes as 'Fragile'', 'Perishable' or 'Made in USA' and communicate safety, handling, or shipping instructions.
  • • Save time and money by choosing from stock options, or create custom designs at no extra cost.
  • • Find labels for all shipping and receiving needs at the most affordable prices.
  • • For more information, visit our - Shipping Labels FAQs
Custom Mailing Labels
Personalize custom templates, or order free-form mailing labels to get a blank slate for your personal artwork.
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Packing Tapes

Custom Printed Packing Tape
Zoom Price Buy
StealGuard Blue Packing Tape - 2in. X 55yards
2 in. x 55 yd.
Stealguard If Seal Is Broken Check Contents Before Accepting - 2in. X 55yards
2 in. x 55 yd.
StealGuard Red Packing Tape - 2in. X 55yards
2 in. x 55 yd.
Stealguard STOP If Seal Has Been Broken Check Contents - 2in. X 55yards
2 in. x 55 yd.
Stealguard Tamper Evident If Void Message Appears, Check Contents Before Accepting Package - 2in. X 55yards
2 in. x 55 yd.
Stealguard Tamper Evident Tape - 2in. X 55yards
2 in. x 55 yd.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the material of fluorescent and non-fluorescent Fragile stickers the same?


Yes, the material for both fluorescent stickers and non-fluorescent stickers is the same - coated paper label. Both these label types are flexographically printed with color-fast inks for durability. Permanent acrylic adhesive is also supplied. Both Shipment Handling Label materials are scuff and scratch-resistant. Even non-fluorescent Fragile stickers have a glossy finish.

Q. What is the use of Tip and Drop Indicators?


Our Tip and Drop Indicators help gauge if your package was handled roughly while shipping and track whether a sensitive shipment stayed upright in transit. Because of these indicators, the handling staff pays extra care in handling the shipment and ensures that receivers always receive quality shipments.

There are two types of indicators: 

  • Teladrop Drop-N-Tell Indicators are an inexpensive way to let you know if the package has been dropped or there’s been a shock. The arrows on the indicators change their color if the package receives an impact exceeding the specified G-range. [Watch Video]
  • Telatip Tip-N-Tell Indicator warns of possible damage to a package or container that has been tipped in transit. It is sensitive enough to indicate if it's been gently tipped or completely turned upside down. [Watch Video]

Q. Are your label dispensers made of metal or plastic?


Our Shipping Label dispensers are made of metal. All metal construction makes sure these dispensers last for many years and outlast plastic dispensers. Metal Dispensers are heavy-duty for increased stability and durability over competitor dispensers. These can be easily mounted on a wall, workbench or put right on your desktop. Our dispensers are offered in multiple sizes starting from 3 inches to 12.5 inches.

Q. How to stencil a message like This Side Up on the package?


Place the This Side Up Stencil on the package - measure and mark to ensure that the stencil is straight, centered, and properly aligned before spraying or painting. Tape the stencil from all four sides on the desired spot. You can use standard spray paint/stencil ink to trace out your message including the arrows. Wait for a few seconds and let the paint dry. Remove the tapes slowly and take off the stencil gently. Now wash or clean excess paint from the stencil and reuse it. Built-up paint will peel off quite easily from the stencil. Watch our detailed video on how to use a plastic stencil.

Q. I need a very small Handle With Care Label. What is the smallest size you offer?


If you’re looking for a small size, try our 1-inch x 3-inch Handle with CareLabels. These Shipment Handling Labels will not take up much space and fit well on very small packages. We also have 1.5-inch tall x 4 inch wide labels with additional words like “Fragile” or “Glass” with “Handle with Care”.

Q. Can I print my shipping label from your site?


We offer printable Mailing Labels on our site. You can easily customize a pre-designed template of mailing labels with your company name and address. You can even add a logo at no extra charge. These semi-customized labels are then ready-to-print on your laser, inkjet, or thermal printers. Or, just handwrite the shipping address. There’s ample blank space provided for the same.

We do not provide the 4” x 6” shipping labels specifically for packages and always include an electronic Delivery Confirmation, electronic Signature Confirmation, or Priority Mail Express tracking number barcode.

Q. What if my labels get damaged in transit?


Utmost care is taken while packaging label rolls and other products to not get scratched, damaged, torn, or deformed in transit. If, however, the labels get damaged due to the carrier's negligence or any other reason, you can contact our customer service team; they will be able to help immediately. See our terms for more detail.