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No Wheels Image
Folds Up In Wind Image
Hard to lift Handle Image
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No Wheels
No Wheels
No Wheels. Remember that you must move the sign in and out every day. It’s get tiresome, unless you want the exercise!
Folds up in Wind
No Wheels
Folds up in Wind. A good wind will cause the sign to collapse. Users report that the internal plastic friction bracket wears down and that, after a few months of use, the sign becomes increasingly vulnerable to flop-downs in the wind.
Hard to Lift Handle
No Wheels
Hard to Lift Handle. The height of the handle is 42” and it’s in the middle of the sign. Moreover, the sign weighs 22 pounds, even before you add water or sand. This all makes moving the sign awkward, especially for those of us that are not 6' tall. One customer reported "it's like trying to move a mattress, but harder!"
Ugly Barricade Look
No Wheels
Ugly "Barricade" Look. Do you want your store or property to look like it belongs in a construction work zone? Well, that is how these plastic signs are derived. They are just re-purposed designs that that were originally made as road barricades. Can’t you tell?
Hard to Change Signs
No Wheels
Hard to Change Signs. Signs must be screwed or velcro’d on. Screws pinch the sign and are hard to change. Velcro wears out and must be applied to each panel that you use. What a pain!
BigBoss Sidewalk Signs
“Simply a better sidewalk sign”
Our simply a better sidewalk sign
Wheels Image
48 Tall Panel Image
Deflects wind Image
Elegant Design Image
Easy Sign Swapping Image
Lots of Designs
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No Wheels
Wheels! Just tip on the wheels and roll the sign anywhere. When done, “stay-stuck” feet set the sign in a
fixed position.
48inch Tall Panel
No Wheels
48" Tall Panel A four foot tall sign means 33% more advertising. You shouldn’t have to stoop down to see your message. Most other sidewalk signs are either 36" or 24" tall. A sign needs to be bigger than a bucket.
Deflects Wind
No Wheels
Deflects Wind.Unique curved design means that this sign can withstand winds of over 30 mph.
Elegant Design
No Wheels
Elegant Design.Upscale customers love the simple lines and elegant black frame.
Easy Sign Swapping
No Wheels
Easy Sign Swapping. Just slide the signs in an out. Sure-grip rails keep the signs in position.
Lots of Designs
No Wheels
Lots of Designs. You shouldn't have to be (or hire) a graphic artist to order a sidewalk sign. If you want to spend an hour designing your sign – that’s great. But, for most applications, a stock sign or just a simple template is all that you need.
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  • Our sidewalk signs are smartly designed so they're easy to move, easy to customize, and really tough to knock over.