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Custom A-Frame Signs and Sidewalk Signs

Product Description

  • Frames feature an easy load feature. To swap or change panels, just lift-and-lower the panel.
  • BabyBoss sign frames accommodate 18” x 24” panels.
  • Frames are “right-sized” for directional or safety messages. They are heavy enough be used outside in the weather, but light enough to make them easy to handle and move.
  • To increase stability, add sand ballast to the frame.
  • BabyBoss frames fold flat – for easy storage.
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2 :
  • BigBoss® Pro Frame for 24" x 36" Panels
  • QuickBoss Frame for 24" x 36" or 24" x 48" Panels
  • JuniorBoss Frame for 24" x 24" Panels
  • BabyBoss Frame for 18" x 24" Panels

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    Coroplast Panel
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    Label has 7 years outdoor durability. Good water resistance.This is one of our better selling products.Great water and chemical resistanceAccommodates insert panels on the front & rear of the unit. Mar 4
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    • Quick Change feature makes it easy to slide signs in and out.
    • Holds two 18"W x 24"H signs.
    • Made from durable plastic able to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.
    • Portable and easy to carry. Frames fold for storage.
    • Ballast ports can be used for additional weight and stability.
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    Customer Reviews

    Man User Icon
    Jan 03, 2024

    Portable A-Frame : QuickBoss Rolling Sidewalk Frame... Part #:K-Frame-0001 0" x 0" QuickBoss Frame only   Verified Purchase

    Quick boss frame

    The frame could use a little extra weight for stability but overall it’s good.
    Man User Icon
    Dec 27, 2023

    Signs only (no frame) : Upload Any Design Part #:BOS-3005 36" x 24" Reflective Corrugated Plastic   Verified Purchase

    80% Chance of Damage During Shipment

    The sign looks great, but has some minor damage. As with previous signs, it arrived from UPS with one or more horizontal creases. A thin sheet of paper taped to the sign does not quality as good packaging (e.g., bubble-wrap). Whenever I complain, customer service just says, "Sorry, we notified the packaging department." Saying that over and over without fixing the problem shows there is a problem within the company.
    SmartSign: Thanks for your feedback it is much appreciated. We apologize that the signs are shipped without bubble wrap. Unfortunately we have no way of changing the packaging but if you ever need your sign replaced you may send photos of the items and we can get the items replaced for you right away. Sorry again for the issues regarding the packaging.
    Man User Icon
    Dec 18, 2023

    BabyBoss Kit : Upload Your Own Design Part #:BOS-3009 24" x 18" BabyBoss Kit: Frame + 2 Panels   Verified Purchase

    Baby Boss Kit Frame + Panels

    Frame is super sturdy, fairly light weight, and easy to move around. Printed panels were pretty good for the most part. Corrugated plastic with a nice glossy coating, easy to clean/wipe. There was about a 1/16 blank stripe down the left side of each panel (artwork provided was sized properly). Easy fix with a ruler and a sharpie. And a couple of stray ink splatters on some white space. Not a deal-breaker, just a minor quality control issue. Overall we're pleased with the purchase.
    SmartSign: We apologize greatly for the printing issues with this order. If you feel like the printing issues are a problem you could send us a photo of what you received and we can have our production team send out a replacement.
    Man User Icon
    Nov 16, 2023

    BigBoss® Kit : Upload Your Own Design Part #:BOS-3001 36" x 24" BigBoss® Kit: Frame + 2 Reflective Panels   Verified Purchase

    Near Perfect Design

    Great quality frame and panels. The panels, however can be tricky to get in and out due to lack of space at top. I can barely get them out at the bottom. Using a tool could damage the sign.
    SmartSign: Thank you for placing your order with us. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to serving you in the future. You can get a little knife to pry the panel away from the frame.
    Nov 13, 2023

    Signs only (no frame) : Upload Any Design Part #:BOS-3005 48" x 24" Corrugated Plastic Sign   Verified Purchase

    Love it

    Love the sign only a little confusion re: Purchase Order.