Sign Attachment Hardware: Fence Brackets, Clips, & Posts

We make it simple and easy to mount your signs. This selection is based on a lifetime of work in the field. We have the best professional options of mounting available for your choosing!
  • BoltGuard bolts are great for dealing with sign theft, as they cannot be removed with your standard screwdriver.
  • EZ-Clips allow for fast installation onto chain link fences.
  • • Our round post brackets work with most municipal-grade galvanized round posts. If you’re needing more, you can always with our hose clamp kit for posts up to 15” in diameter!
Our Best Selling Hardware Attachment Kit!
This hardware kit is compatible with our posts and signs and easily fasten your sign to your post.
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A simple, and inexpensive way to install a sign in a minute.
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Attachment Kits for U-Channel Posts

Most signs are attached to a u-channel post. And, most use our simple and inexpensive kit (below). For greater security, however, we recommend our Tamper-Proof brackets. These can be installed easily with a normal screwdriver. But, you will need a special tool to remove them. Lastly, check out our post pounder or drive cap. These simple tools can really make a difference.
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Tamper-Proof for a U-Channel Post – Pair of Brack...
Heavy Steel Post Driver for Sign Posts - 22 Pounds
Post Attachment Kit - 2 Bolts for Heavy Duty Post...
Steel Post Drive Cap for U-Channel

Attachment Kits for Chain Link Fences

Our Universal EZ-Clips take just one person to install a sign. Fits all sizes of chain link fences and all common sign hole sizes. Sold in pairs and they are our best seller. Our tall brackets (for 18” and 24” signs) shown below have been used for a generation of sign installers and remains a traditional favorite.
Chain Link Fence Attachment Kit – Pair of EZ-Clips
Fence Bracket for 18" high signs with 2 bolts & 2...
Fence Bracket for 24" high signs with 2 bolts & 2...

Attachment Kit for Ornamental Fencing

We make it easy to install a sign on ornamental fencing – common at playgrounds, pools and dog parks. This innovative bracket fits most common ornamental fence types and make it easy to position and level your sign correctly.
Decorative Fence Attachment Kit – Pair of Brackets

Mounting Hardware for Round Posts, Telephone Poles

Use our Round Post Brackets for standard and common round steel poles. For larger posts, pedestals and poles from 2” to 15” in diameter, use our Hose Clamp kit. If you want to “flag mount” your signs use our Wing Brackets. Wing Brackets can also be used on square or u-channel posts. Or use the Wing Brackets to perpendicularly mount a sign on a wall, such as in an alley.
Wing Bracket for Double Faced Signs
4" x 2" x 1.25" (h x w x d)
Round Post Brackets
2-3/8" diameter
Steel Sign Hose Clamp
3" - 15" Diameter
Heavy-Duty Flag Mount Bracket with Bolts & Screws
6" x 2.375" (h x w)
Heavy-Duty No Drill Flag Mount Bracket with Hose Clamps
6" x 2.375" (h x w)

Other Hardware

Sign Guardian Fire Extinguisher Fence Bracket
Ratcheting Screwdriver for Tamper-Proof Security Bolt
Wedge Anchor Bolt Attachment Kit for Brick or Concrete – 2 Bolts, 2 nuts, 2 washers

Other Sign Accessories


Customer Reviews

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Apr 25, 2023

Sign Hose Clamp Mounting Hardware : Steel Sign Hose Clamp
Part #:K-Hose-Clamp 0" x 0" Steel Sign Hose Clamp   Verified Purchase

Quality Service and Products

Clamps fit a large variety of sizes and for small poles required cutting off a sizeable portion of the clamp band.
SmartSign: Thank you for the feedback on your order.
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Apr 24, 2023

Sign Hose Clamp Mounting Hardware : Steel Sign Hose Clamp
Part #:K-Hose-Clamp 0" x 0" Steel Sign Hose Clamp   Verified Purchase


Excellent product!
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Apr 24, 2023

Fence Bracket, 17" long with 2... : Fence Bracket for 18" high signs...
Part #:Fence-Bracket-17-K 1.75" x 17" Fence Bracket for Hanging Signs   Verified Purchase

Smart sign never fails to satisfy

Worked perfectly
Man User Icon
Apr 21, 2023

Sign Mounting Hardware : Tamper-Proof for a U-Channel Post...
Part #:Post-Bracket-01 0" x 0" Sign Guardian Tamper-Resistant U-Channel Post Bracket   Verified Purchase

signpost hardware

Just what I needed.
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Apr 14, 2023

Worked as advertised! Much better for chain link than strands of chicken wire.

These worked great the only problem was the threading in the metal piece wasn't smooth so I had to work a bit to get the bolts through it. But I got it done!
SmartSign: Thank you for placing your order with us. We look forward to serving you in the future.