7 great ways to make National Bullying Prevention Month count

October is here, which means anti-bullying organizations are in full gear for National Bullying Prevention Month. As part of our cyberbullying awareness and digital responsibility campaign, #TakeNoBullies, we’re providing a list of organizations and ways to get involved in anti-bullying advocacy this month and beyond.

1) STOMP Out Bullying

We spoke to Ross Ellis, Founder and CEO of STOMP Out Bullying, who shared her organization’s efforts to prevent bullying and cultivate a kinder generation of kids and teens.

What inspired you to found STOMP Out Bullying?

I founded Love Our Children USA in 1999 to help prevent child abuse. In 2003, it seemed that bullying had changed from when I was growing up, and I was hearing about it all too frequently. Thus, STOMP Out Bullying!

What’s your vision with Blue Shirt Day and are there additional ways that individuals and groups can get involved with STOMP for National Bullying Prevention Month?

Blue Shirt Day™ World Day of Bullying Prevention has a very clear vision – seeing kids and adults in solidarity across the globe in a sea of blue, making the first Monday of every October the day that bullying prevention is heard around the world. Additionally, groups can hold their own anti-bullying events. We also ask girls (and boys if they choose to) to paint their pinkies blue to stop the drama. We encourage participants to send us photos in their shirts to post on our website, and ask those painting their pinkies blue to share on our Facebook page.

Does your organization have any new programs or events on the horizon that communities should be looking forward to?

We have organized a number of events for October, which include:

  • Week of October 14th:  Make with friends with someone you don’t know at school.
  • Week of October 21st: Participate in STAND UP for Others Week.
  • Week of October 28th: Our partnership with the RFK Foundation encourages students to participate on social media and hand out cards (available on the RFK Project SEATBELT website) while trick-or-treating on Halloween. The cards urge community members to sign an online bullying prevention pledge: to create environments of respect at home, at school, and in their community. More information can be found here: bullying.rfkcenter.org/2013/09/19/trick-or-treat-for-bullying-prevention-campaign-launch.

2) PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center

PACER (Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights) strives to enhance the quality of life for children with disabilities and their families. PACER is the original founder of National Bullying Prevention Month, which they started in 2006.

  • October 5: Run, Walk, Roll Against Bullying in Bloomington, MN brings together schools, businesses, and organizations to raise money for the National Bullying Prevention Center. The event is also taking place in several other locations around the country throughout October.
  • October 9: Wear an orange shirt for Unity Day to show your support for victims of bullying. Students participate by handing out orange “UNITY” ribbons and writing “UNITY” on their hands and notebooks, or creating banners.

For more information and to see a list of Run, Walk, Roll events around the country, visit pacer.org/bullying/nbpm.

3) The Bully Project

The Bully Project is an anti-bullying movement inspired by the award-winning documentary, “BULLY” which was released in 2011. Since the film was released, The Bully Project has created a bullying prevention curriculum for educators to help spark discussions with students. Throughout October, The Bully Project will host a number of anti-bullying events and screenings of “BULLY” throughout the country. Check out for a list of events.

4) DoSomething.org – The Bully Text

DoSomething.org initiates national social change campaigns that allow 13-25 year-olds to make a difference by themselves, without needing money or help from a parent. From now through October 25, DoSomething.org is inviting young people to stand up to bullies through The Bully Text, a text messaging game that puts users in different bullying situations and allows them to decide how to react. If you who refer six friends to play the game, you’ll become eligible to win a $3,000 scholarship.

5) Mean Stinks – Biggest. Assembly. Ever.

Secret Deodorant founded Mean Stinks in 2010, a social media-based campaign focused on ending girl-on-girl bullying.

  • October 23: Mean Stinks campaign is hosting the first-ever nationwide live streaming anti-bullying event, Biggest. Assembly. Ever. At 1 pm EST. Zendaya, of Disney Channel’s “Shake it Up” and ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” will share her bullying story and advice. The assembly will also feature bullying experts and fun guests to share inspiring stories and wisdom about preventing bullying, cyberbullying, and spreading kindness.

For more details and resources, visit their Facebook page.

6) Cartoon Network – Stop Bullying: Speak Up

Cartoon Network organized Stop Bullying: Speak Up to raise awareness about what actions kids, parents, and educators can take against bullying. The campaign allows kids to sign an online anti-bullying pledge, print out a Stop Bullying: Speak Up flag to bring to school and put up in their bedroom, and watch several anti-bullying videos, including THE BULLY EFFECT.

7) Seon – “Bullies Aren’t Cool”     

Seon, a mobile video surveillance supplier for buses, is holding a “Bullies Aren’t Cool” coloring contest. The winner will receive a teddy bear, anti-bullying medal, and cash donation toward their school’s anti-bullying efforts. The deadline to submit drawings is October 31.

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