City Limit Signs On Town Identity: What is Your Area Known For?

July 18, 2012 — Welcome to Ware, nationally known as “the town that can’t be licked.” The town, which is located in Massachusetts, shows its flavor on a welcome sign located at the city limits. Welcome signs are found at the edge of many municipalities, proclaiming fun facts or town populations. By having a unique welcome signs towns have a way to make their area feel like home for residents and be more than just a mile marker for the glaze-eyed road-tripper.

A customizable welcome sign from SmartSign allows small towns (or even businesses) to welcome visitors into their limits.

Any city, no matter its size, wants to create the best impression and the most unique memory about their municipality. The city of Hoboken, New Jersey does this by proclaiming what it’s most known for: the birthplace of baseball and the blue-eyed crooner Frank Sinatra. Given their strong historical roots it’s no wonder Hoboken wants to proclaim its past.


Of course, even if your town doesn’t have the famous roots Hoboken does, you can take some advice from Tahlequah, Oklahoma which is the self-proclaimed “best small town in Oklahoma and 55th best small town in America.” While we at SmartSign aren’t sure where these rankings came from, we admire the spunk.

– K. Howitt