Connor Fields – Why I Ride

We created BikeGuard, a free bike registry, to help keep an eye on the bikes that are so important to us. Cycling — and our bikes — quickly become more than just a part of our commutes and routines, they become our way to relax, challenge, and even define ourselves. We decided to talk to someone who knows all about dedicated cycling, and headed out to Las Vegas to check-in with BMX rider, Connor Fields. In our interview, Connor shares why biking is so important to him on and off the track. “It’s so embedded in me and who I am,” said the 2012 Olympian.

Connor gained great acclaim this past summer when he finished first in the Olympic Trials at age 19. Although he made it to the finals in London, a crash prevented Fields from reaching the gold. Now, a new BMX season is ramping up, and Fields is focused. He’s made podium finishes in the first two races of the season.

But his passion for cycling goes beyond BMX. “My bikes mean so much to me,” Connor said, “It’s almost an extension of myself.”

At only 20, Connor has a lot to look forward to including 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro and the BMX seasons in between. We asked him if he’ll ever slow down.

“I’ll never stop riding a bicycle. No matter what kind of bike it is. Whether it’s a mountain bike or just a casual beach cruiser. My passion for cycling will never get old. I hope that I am lucky enough to ride to work when I’m 40. That would be awesome. That’s the ultimate goal, to ride my bike to work when I am 40.”

Time for some self-reflection. How long are you going to keep cycling? What’s the ultimate goal?