Funny Sign Friday Round-Up

At SmartSign, we have you covered with any type of signage you may need – road traffic, parking, security, custom, humorous, dog poop; you name it, we have it! Whether you are a fan of funny┬ásigns or are just having a bad day and need a good laugh, here is a roundup of some of our funniest signs.


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Let people know who your protectors are with this quirky security sign. Who needs human body guards when you have ninjas?



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Whether you are on the small side or a bit larger, this funny pool sign welcomes patrons of all sizes.



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This quirky bathroom sign lets people know that you mean business when it comes to taking care of your bathroom (and not making a mess!)



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Poke fun to your children with this clever sign; the dog isn’t the only one to get fired up!



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We try to be weary of using expletives, but this sign is a good indicator that people should not attempt to park in your spot.


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