Funny Sign Friday: It’s National Poetry Month!

Whether or not you knew it, there’s been something missing from your life over the past six months. What might that be, you ask? A funny signs roundup, of course! Our last installment was in September, and since April is National Poetry Month, it’s a perfect time to break out a selection from our funny sign Rolodex to pair with haiku.

Swimming the freestyle
Gulp water by accident
Wait, that’s not chlorine!


Forget self-respect
No need to take off your shoes
Decency coat check


Let’s play a fun game
It is called Hangman with signs
No potty mouths, though


Fifth grade spelling bee
Final round, pressure is on
Smart people spell safe


Need a mulligan?
Sasquatch has something to say
The worst handicap


You say you don’t believe in Sasquatch?


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