Good luck not laughing: Friday funny signs roundup

At SmartSign, we’re sign geeks: safety, security, custom, funny, dog poop, funny dog poop – you name it. You could call us academicians of signage; tenured professors of labels, mats, tags and banners. We view signs as game changers, and even lifesavers. Plus, nothing soothes the soul (besides a personal pint of Ben & Jerry’s) like a resplendent sign that oozes shtick and humor. It’s been quite some time since we’ve published a Friday roundup of our favorite funny signs. To spice up your 26th day of April, sit back (but not too far back, you might tip over and embarrass yourself) and prepare for a treat. Since it’s my birthday, I also sprinkled in some of my semi-famous haikus (known to many as “Maikus”).

Big tent down the road
Human cannonball recruit
Kid on milk carton

Here’s a history lesson: the first human cannonball was 14 years old. Keep your kids close – after all, what goes up must come down.

I told you homeboy
Work hard or might as well quit
‘Cuz you can’t touch this

Picture yourself riding around town, windows down, bass pumping to MC Hammer’s 1990’s hip hop anthem. You approach a four-way intersection, and the regular message stop sign has been swapped for this one. I suggest you contact the local authorities, because errant use of hammers can result in unfortunate consequences (to avoid such mishaps, refer to this handy guide. Pun intended).

Sale on new perfume
One scent for men and women
Most fragrant when fresh

No wonder that perfume’s a clearance item. Pick up what your dog drops down, and don’t be the one to blame for getting in a poopy mood.

No love for Iceland, Norway
Denmark gently weeps

I promise it’s not because we favor Swedish Fish over a fresh baked cheese Danish; just imagine how the Finns feel, excluded from this haiku’s Scandinavian family altogether. It seems as though we need to add a few more signs to our inventory.