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Reflective Designer Signs for Address: Don’t Compromise on Style or Safety

House address signs that only provide curb appeal fail to perform their most critical function—being easy to spot. As a result, first responders lose precious time in locating rescue sites when time is of the essence.

Increasingly, cities are passing ordinances that set certain requirements for house numbers. For now, they mostly concern the size and color of the house numbers. Some set four inches as the minimum height, others, two and a half inches, but with a requirement that the number color contrast with the color of the house. But even with these requirements, visibility is still compromised when these numbers aren’t reflective.

Although not a law in most places, many local authorities prefer house numbers that are reflective. Significant numbers of cities offer and recommend 911 address signs that are easily visible from the street and not obstructed by trees or bushes.

If you’re looking for a stylish address sign that enables first responders to quickly identify your house, consider choosing our Reflective Designer Signs.

Available in a variety of sophisticated and elegant designs, you can create your house number sign or a house address sign in minutes!


Not just a pretty package, our designer signs are made to last. Signs are made from traffic-grade reflective aluminum so your house number is easily visible day and night. They resist corrosion and require no maintenance. Your address signs last 10+ years, easy.

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