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10 Safety Sign Coloring Pages for Kids

Compilation of safety sign coloring pages for kids.Children are naturally curious and energetic which leads to a number of slips, falls, and various accidents. These actions are part of being a kid and are impossible to avoid entirely. But as parents and teachers, we can minimize those minor slips and falls. Most importantly, we can avoid an accident that leads to serious injuries.

Being informed and cautious is the best way we can keep kids safe from the variety of dangers they may face. Safety signs are a great way to inform kids of these dangers and to encourage them to be cautious.

We’ve put together 10 fun coloring pages to increase kid awareness around the house and on the street. The safety signs feature a friendly penguin and have fun facts to help them remember each sign. Whether you decide to hang them up in your home, or enjoy them as a coloring activity, these safety signs will teach your kids valuable safety rules.

To download and print them all, scroll to the bottom. To download and print individual signs, click on each corresponding thumbnail!

Don’t Open the Door for Strangers

We have been taught as kids to not open the door for strangers. Possible risks can range from a burglary to kidnapping as worst case scenarios. Keep your kids safe and remind them to wait for you to check the door.A colorable safety sign of a cartoon penguin frightened after opening the door to a polar bear.

First Aid Kit

A complete first aid kit is important in any home to tend to any type of cut, bruise or emergency. Make sure that your kids know where the first aid kit is so they don’t rummage through the house searching for it. Hang up this safety sign next to the first aid kit so everyone knows!
A cartoon penguin wearing a stethoscope next to a plus symbol.

Please Don’t Open

Kids love to poke around in different drawers and cabinets due to their curiosity. There are about 165 kids in the U.S. that are treated in the ER each day for unintentionally eating medicine. Use this safety sign to keep kids out of medicine cabinets, chemical storage areas, and even your secret candy stash.A safety sign coloring page of a cartoon penguin opening a cabinet.

Wear a Seatbelt

Wearing a seatbelt cuts down the risk of car crash-related injuries by about 50 percent. Seatbelts saved approximately 14,000 in 2015. Don’t risk your kid’s life by trusting your own driving skills and other drivers out on the road. Remind them to wear a seatbelt with this safety sign!A cartoon penguin with his seatbelt buckled.

Lock the Door

About 33 percent of intruders use the front door to enter a home and take an average of $2,251 in items. This can be avoided by investing in good window and door locks and remembering to lock them. Remind your kids and yourself to lock the door on the way out with this safety sign.
A colorable cartoon penguin holding a giant key locking a giant lock.

Don’t Play With Outlets and Electrical Appliances

Outlets and electrical appliances pose as a danger to children. There is an approximate 2,555 children treated due to wall outlet shocks each year. Keep electrical appliances away from kids so they don’t play with them and risk electrocuting themselves.A cartoon penguin about to touch a malfunctioning toaster.

Don’t Play with Fire

Playing with fire isn’t just detrimental to a home, but more importantly, to our lives. Fires kill more Americans than any other natural disaster and about 293 children are injured from fires and burns each day. Avoid any fire mishaps with this safety sign.A cartoon penguin playing with a box of matches strewn about the floor as a safety sign.

Always Wear a Helmet When Riding

Helmets protect our precious heads from making contact with other objects or the floor in an accident. About 415 bicyclists under the age of 14 are injured each year. Reduce the risk of brain damage or even death by making sure your kids wear a helmet.
A cartoon penguin wearing a helmet and holding a bike.

Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Street

In this day and age, we are distracted by our smartphones and may forget to look both ways before crossing streets. In fact, there are about 69,000 pedestrian incidents each year with 11,000 of those being children under the age of 14. Inform your kids of the dangers of distracted street crossing and remind them to look both ways with this safety sign.A cartoon penguin about to cross the street while a car is coming.

Don’t Chase Things Into the Street

Streets and roads are dangerous for kids due to the vast amount of distracted drivers out on the road. Approximately 36 kids die a year due to frontover incidents. Use this safety sign to remind your kids to not chase things into the street.
A coloring safety sign of a cartoon penguin watching a ball go across the street with a car in the distance coming.

Safety signs are an effective way to get messages across that protect us from any dangers. Use these fun safety sign coloring pages to assist in explaining the risks around the home and on the street. Remember, not all accidents are avoidable, but we can try our best to minimize the risks by being aware.

A cartoon penguin pointing at a download button

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