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SmartSign donates all-gender restroom signs to Long Island Children’s Museum

At SmartSign, we’re no stranger to being advocates for all-gender restroom signs. We have donated our signs to hundreds of schools, universities and nonprofit organizations. We want to be able to create a safe place for all gender identities and alleviate any confusion people may have when going to the restroom. all-gender-bathroom-3

Beth Ann Balalaos, the accessibility coordinator at the Long Island Children’s Museum in New York, reached out to us regarding the donation of all-gender signs. The museum was changing their “family restroom” signs into “all-gender” signs in order to ensure that their visitors feel comfortable and safe.

This is the exact kind of cause that we like to be behind. We feel that it is important for people to know that they are accepted, regardless of race, gender, color, etc.

“We first thought of theall-gender-bathroom-2se signs because we wanted to ensure the highest comfort level for our visitors,” says Beth. “The most important reason why we wanted to have these signs is to reiterate the museum’s commitment to accessibility and inclusion for all of our visitors.”

We are happy to be a part of this movement and are pushing other organizations to do so, by offering our signs free of charge. If you believe your school or organization is eligible for free all-gender restroom signs, please contact com[email protected] for more information.


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