Well there’s a strange sign. Wait…seriously?

Have you ever been driving down a road, seen a strange sign, processed it, then turned around to make sure that you didn’t read it wrong? Well, here are five strange signs that made us at SmartSign do just that.

Some people have zero faith in their fellow man, and take it upon themselves to protect others from causing themselves harm. Sad thing is, these signs were most likely put up because the bizarre events and questionable decisions they’re warning against have actually happened. Prepare to be amazed.

1. “There is no way that’s possible,” you think.

Caution falling cows

You can’t help cracking up when you see this sign on a road. But DON’T BE FOOLED, readers. Cows are dangerous when they think they have wings (sign via RoadTrafficSigns).

You thought wrong. There have been several incidents when a cow has fallen into traffic. Frankly, I’m a little speechless. But why only cows? There are plenty of other dangerous animals that might one day try to fly, such as the llama below.

flying llama

Image via CyborgMatt.

2. For those forgetful souls

Danger, jet blast could injure

Clearly someone has tried racing a plane before (image via The Coveland).

Well, I guess some people might need to be reminded why not to go onto a tarmac because they might, you know…forget there are planes…on a tarmac. But for all of you country folk who have never seen a plane, they’re dangerous. Don’t try and take pictures next to one about to move, OK? All those movies where someone runs onto the tarmac to stop their soul-mate from leaving? NO.

3. Just letting you know…

Prison, don't pick up hitchhikers

The moment when the guy you decided to be nice to turns out to be an escaped convict (image via Michael Clancy>).

I mean, you’re generally not supposed to pick up a hitchhiker in the United States ever (as my mother likes to point out). After all, any hitchhiker could possibly be a criminal. (Forgive me, nice, normal U.S. hitchhikers. Sad to say, if I were you, I’d be afraid of anyone who stops to pick you up.) It might be more run of the mill to offer a ride to the happy backpacker in Europe, but in the United States, don’t make friends with random strangers standing all by themselves on a deserted road, ever, please.

4. The unexpected warning

Warning, please look under vehicles for penguins

The sign is just so adorable  (image via WUSA9).

Never in my life did I ever imagine I might run over a penguin in South Africa. Apparently, Table Mountain National Park is responsible for conserving the endangered African penguin population. Considering how small they are, it makes sense to remind visitors to look under their cars. If we find one, do we get to keep it?

5. Thank you, for pointing that out

caution be aware that the balcony is not on ground level

Thank you, sign (image via Strange and Funny Signs).

This is a prime example of a hotel having no faith in its customers. Someone who is drunk enough to try stepping off a balcony isn’t going to be able to understand the sign very well, so I’m not sure how effective this is. Considerate, though.