ColdSNAP Temperature Recorder Indicators: Miniature ColdSNAP records a critical falling temperature, -20°C or 15°C with ±2°C accuracy (L-1247) Learn More...

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Oh, snap! It's cold out there. The ColdSNAP Descending Temperature Recorder monitors your perishable products in transit or storage by recording exposure to an unanticipated critical low temperature event.

  • Records cooling below the rated temperatures with an accuracy of ±2°C.
  • The painted bi-metal sensor snaps at the critical threshold temperature, permanently changing the indicator window from clear to bright red.
  • The patented design eliminates delicate chemical sensors, fragile glass and requires no batteries.
  • A rugged plastic cover houses the all-mechanical components, and extends the storage life of the recorder.
  • The self-adhesive backing makes installation effortless - just peel and stick.
  • The compact and lightweight construction doesn't add bulk or heft - making it perfect for shipments.
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  • 1.38" x .69" x .22"
  • Descending Temperature Indicator
Descending Temperature Indicator
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  • Constructed from polystyrene, the plastic case is injection molded.
  • Calibrated bimetal thermostatic sensing element snaps at its rated cold temperature, permanently turning the indicating window from clear to bright red.
  • Double-sided self-adhesive backing makes installation effortless - just peel and stick. Allows for variety of placement options.
  • Quick and easy to activate, simply pull the tab straight out laterally, and do not bend or break off.
  • Store at least 10°C above the activation temperature, not to exceed 30°C (86°F).
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