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Custom Floor Signs: Frequently Asked Questions


Floor decals are adhesive signs/stickers usually made of vinyl and used to serve a variety of purposes. These are mostly thin, slip-resistant, and designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and be readily visible without being a hazard or nuisance to customers/visitors. These can be easily applied on floors and withstand heavy foot traffic for long.


Mostly, yes. Almost all floor decals can be easily removed, but they may not be reused. You may be able to remove a decal by simply pulling it off from one side towards the other at an extreme angle. Pulling at an angle closer to 90 degrees may leave a residue.

Please note that the longer the decal has been in place, the harder it may be to remove.


Floor decals may be used for a variety of purposes. These make for great distance markers and tell people exactly where to stand or walk. These also function as rather efficient visual tools to provide directions and are commonly seen in supermarkets, warehouses, malls, parking lots, etc.

Additionally, floor decals are often used as design elements to up the aesthetic appeal of a place. Businesses often add these as monograms, 3-D graphics to add a surprise/fun element, and more. Businesses also use these decals for promotions, especially now when people are often staring at their phones and looking downwards. Floor decals may prove better at grabbing attention here as compared to window decals, ceiling signs, or wall signs.


It is important to keep floor decals clean and free of debris as they can get into the surface of the decal and damage it. You may use commercial-grade floor scrubbers and cleaners to clean your floor signs and decals. Pressure washers, hard scrub brushes, and electric scrubbing machines may be avoided to retain the durability of these signs.


Custom Floor decals or signs present an exciting opportunity for businesses to attract more customers and multiply their revenue. This is because people spend an increasing amount of time looking down at their phone screens while commuting, walking, eating, shopping, and so on. Promotions, announcements, discounts, offers, new launches, etc., advertised on floors, stand a great chance at getting noticed and generating sales, leads, or inquiries.

Floor decals are rather versatile and get the work done without burning a hole in the pocket. These also pack the flexibility to be installed exactly where people will notice it rather than at sides or corners, as with most wall/rigid signs. In addition to advertising, floor decals may also be used as a feature or an attraction. This is often seen in places such as malls, recreation centers, etc., that use 3D decals that look as good as real and surprise, amuse, and/or intrigue visitors, usually creating a buzz that works favorably for the business in most situations.

Looking for Custom Floor Decals?
Looking for Custom Floor Decals?
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