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Custom Metal Signs: Frequently Asked Questions


Metal and plastic are both efficient and popular sign materials, suitable for different needs and environments. Where metal signs are usually heavier and maybe a better fit in extreme conditions such as heat, chemicals, and so on, plastic signs are often lightweight and maybe perfect for regular use in standard conditions. Both signs are rather versatile and sufficiently durable; metal signs may exude a more finished and professional look, albeit at a somewhat higher price comparatively.

This informative metal vs. plastic signs video will help you with more in-depth insight. 


Aluminum signs pack a range of benefits. One of the sturdiest sign materials, aluminum is fairly lightweight, easy to work with, and does not rust, shatter, bend, split, and warp. Aluminum signs flaunt a rather professional look at an extremely cost-effective price. These can be used indoors and outdoors and are strong enough to withstand extreme conditions, making them a great fit for industrial, commercial, and personal use. Additionally, aluminum signs can be easily customized in the desired shape with your choice of decals, lettering style, and more! 

Our custom metal signs range uses heavy-duty aluminum to create durable and high-quality signs instead of tin or other flimsy material. 


Custom metal signs give you the strength and durability of metal signs with the creative liberty to add your personal touch to them. Creating one-of-a-kind signs helps your brand, business, or statement stand out and become a unique identifier. Businesses can use such signs as powerful advertising opportunities and enhance their visibility. Custom metal signs give you the freedom to add details such as your contact, brand statement, logo, offers and announcements, and more without burning a hole in your pocket. You can also opt for full-color custom metal signs that give more flexibility in design and colors. 


A personalized metal sign may be a good idea for your business when you want people to take notice and talk about your offerings. While stock metal signs are perfect when you want a quick tool for standard communications, their custom counterparts can help create a brand image and a recall value for your business. You can advertise things ranging from product/service offerings, USPs, location, contact, offers, discounts, and much more. Custom metal signs can be used in a host of creative ways to increase customer footfall and sales. 


This may depend on the purpose and application you wish to use the custom metal sign for and any rules or regulations that may be applicable for the intended use. The location where you wish to install the custom sign and the text on the sign may also have a bearing on whether any legal permissions may be necessary.

Looking for Custom Metal Signs?
Looking for Custom Metal Signs?
Enter your text on rectangular, square, oval, dome-top, round, diamond, octagonal, or arrow-shaped signs.

Top Selling Custom Sign Types

  • In various sizes, up to 72" across.
  • Available in a wide range of colors.
  • Stylish signs to match your contemporary property.
  • Keep your facility safe, secure and well organized.
  • Custom Engraved Signs ship in One Day!
  • Easy to personalize Custom Plaques in 100s of designs.
  • Make it easy for emergency vehicles to find the way.
  • Civic Official and Keepsake Novelty street signs.
  • Flexible signs stick to curved surfaces firmly.
  • Design from scratch. Choose any shape and size.
  • Make your ordinary lawns attention-grabbing.
  • Place them anywhere and easily swap out messages.