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Custom Signs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are custom signs?


Custom signs are a category of signs designed to meet specific user requirements. These give users more control over their signage and the creative liberty to decide what their signs will say and how they will look. Custom signs are popular among businesses as these let them add things like the business logo and contact details and use the signs for advertising products and services, announcing offers and events, communicating policies, and more.

Q. Does creating custom signs require knowledge of design principles?


Not really. Customs signs are usually easy to create with the help of available templates that can be personalized in several ways. For instance, SmartSign offers custom signs in a variety of materials and templates. You may choose the layout you prefer and customize it by selecting the format, color, size, etc., from the available options and adding the text you want on the sign. 

Often, it may also be possible to share a draft of the sign you desire and get it custom-made. 

Q. Where can custom signs be used?


Custom signs can be used just about everywhere! These can be main display signs for store names or business names and convey information about products, business hours, USPs, etc. Custom signs can also be used for marketing purposes like promoting products or services, events, offers, discounts, special deals, or to convey rules and/or policies. Customizable signs are popular with homeowners as well as they help in displaying precise messages. 

These can be designed for both outdoor and indoor use for businesses, commercial and retail setups, schools, recreational facilities, private entities, and more. 

Q. Why should I get custom signs for my business?


Custom signs make a good investment decision for a business for several reasons. Since these signs are usually one-of-a-kind, they help businesses stand out from the crowd. Businesses can design these signs such that they accentuate what the business stands for. Custom signs can also be used for promotions, to communicate facility-specific policies, enhance visibility for the business, improve the recall value, and so on. For example, a curbside pickup sign with a logo and phone number works well to help customers call as soon as they reach. Similarly, a company logo on a custom sign in the parking lot ensures that people know the space is reserved. 

Q. Are custom signs expensive?

Not really. Custom signs are usually available at the same price as their ready-to-order counterparts. The pricing mostly depends on the sign material, size, design, format, mounting style, and other technical details, and any separate customization charges do not apply in most cases.
Looking for Custom Signs?
Looking for Custom Signs?
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Top Selling Custom Sign Types

  • In various sizes, up to 72" across.
  • Available in a wide range of colors.
  • Keep your facility safe, secure and well organized.
  • Stylish signs to match your contemporary property.
  • Easy to personalize Custom Plaques in 100s of designs.
  • Design from scratch. Choose any shape and size.