Temperature Indicator Labels

Non-Reversible Temperature Indicator 100-150°F/38-66°C

Product Description

This item ships via UPS Expedited Shipping in an insulated package to prevent exposure to heat.

Non-Reversible Temperature Indicators accurately measure and record surface temperatures. The recorder contains a thermochromic pigment in each window that turns permanently and irreversibly from silver to black when its threshold temperature is reached.

• No maintenance or activation required. The self-adhesive backing makes installation effortless - just peel and stick.

• Contains six pressure sensitive increments covering a range of 50°F. An economical alternative to digital temperature loggers, sensors and recorders. Response time is less than five seconds with an accuracy of ±1°C or 2% of rated value.

• The small size, weight and thickness (10 mil) of the label allows for installation in areas that are impractical for thermometers and bulkier temperature data recorders.

• The sensor window is white/gray/silver initially, then appears black when the white/gray/silver material melts and is absorbed into the black backing paper.

• Indicator must be stored in cool environment to avoid unintentional activation.

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