Emerald green for 2013: signs in the color of the year

This year, it’s time to go green–Emerald Green! Each year, Pantone, the authority on color and provider of color systems for the design industry, selects a color to influence design trends. The Color of the Year for 2013 is a deep, verdant, emerald green. SmartSign pays tribute to the color of the year with green signs from its expansive selection.


Green represents rejuvenation and renewal. The color of the year strongly symbolizes nature and growth, reflected in campground and recycling signs. After all, what better way of urging people to go green than with green eco-friendly messages? Remind people to pitch in or not to fish in unwanted areas.

According to the OSHA/ANSI standardized color system, green is the color of safety and first aid. Signs with green backgrounds indicate gas masks, first aid kits, stretchers, safety deluge showers, safety bulletin boards, and emergency exit routes.

Lastly, emerald green was chosen because it represents a call for luxury after a few tumultuous economic years. Emerald, as a jewel tone, is in step with fashion’s fall trend. Choose attractive signage that reflects the luxe life, like signs for the golf course.

How will you show your support for the color of the year? What are your thoughts on Pantone’s choice? Discuss in the comments below.

-S. Sridhar