5 funny signs that meant well, but didn’t get it quite right

Signs are meant to clearly direct us, warn us, or give us instructions. However, people get them wrong more often than you’d think. There’s a treasure trove of embarrassing and funny sign slip-ups out there. We at SmartSign have collected a few of our favorite face-palm inducing signs for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

1. Cloning

funny sign - drive slowly people under construction ahead

Morning commuters might look twice at this questionable sign (image via WUSA9).

I knew the government was conducting top secret experiments with humans. We have now figured out how to build people. Next, we’ll be able to manufacture humans with a 3D printer. Do we have to drive slowly because there’s an ‘Artificial Person’ exhibit?

2. The rather unfortunate error

Funny sign: Caution pedestrians slippery when wet sign

Obvious but odd (image via Chris Radley).

Something is not quite right here…though, yes, wet things tend to be slippery. Our best guess is that this sign is a notice that there is a water park or a beach nearby.

3. For those creatures unfamiliar with boat safety

Funny sign: Familiarize your elf with location of safety

I doubt magical creatures need life saving equipment in the first place (image via Signspotting.com).

Because you never know when your elf will need a life jacket. Though it depends on the kind of elf you have, as size and power are crucial. For example, Legolas would be able to use a standard life jacket, while I doubt Dobby would need anything at all. The shoemaker’s elves would need help though. This sign is definitely directed at the smaller elf species.


Dobby can probably apparate and take us all with him (image via Harry Potter Wikia).

Legolas (Orlando Bloom)

Legolas is the same height as a tall human. Ergo, standard life jacket (image via Pieces of the Mosaic).







4. As there is much variation to the art of drowning

Funny Sign: Careful Drowning

Swimmers may want to brush up on their skills (image via Signspotting.com).

Apparently there are several methods of drowning. One could drown casually, carefree-ly, rambunctiously, etc. etc. These kind sign-posters have limited us to the careful kind of drowning. I’d advise taking a class on careful drowning before visiting.

5. Underage drivers

Funny sign: Children, please drive with care

Someone should have a serious talk with the City Council (image via Signspotting.com).

Apparently the driving age in Suffolk County is thirteen years old. Steer clear of the area if you want to avoid an accident. At least the mayor is abetting safety by asking the children to drive with care.

Funny signs are great, whether they mean to be or not. Customize a sign at SmartSign and add to the growing collection of entertaining signs. If you have a serious message, make sure several people look it over before submitting it for manufacturing. You never know what kind of mistakes will be noticed!