Inspiring Sidewalk Sign Designs

July 9, 2019

Sidewalk signs, also known as sandwich boards or A-frames, are the two-sided, triangular-shaped signs that sit outside of restaurants, cafes, and public houses. Some grab the attention of would-be customers with the temptation of today’s special while others use catchy and creative slogans to get you through the front doors.

Popular and probably most recognizable as a promotional tool for restaurateurs, sidewalk signs aren’t limited to the food industry. These cost-effective marketing tools are perfect for any business that relies on foot traffic. Portable and convenient, they can be used both outdoors and indoors, in lobbies, hallways, and even to point potential clients to your booth at a conference. And they offer additional benefits as well, including:

  • Affordability: Sidewalk signs have a high ROI. The cost of purchasing the sign frame and two inserts is minimal in comparison to the amount of foot traffic constantly exposed to your brand and enticed to walk through your doors.
  • Convenience: Lightweight, foldable, portable, and compact, sidewalk signs offer convenience. They’re easy to set up, easy to store, and easy to bring along with you when you travel to community events, trade shows, or conferences.
  • Flexibility: Sidewalk signs are 100% customizable. You can use a template to create your insert or upload something completely customized to your brand. You can order multiple inserts to highlight different products or services or switch your board up according to the daily special. For ultimate customization, dry erase or chalkboard sidewalk signs can be changed on a dime.

Here’s a quick video explaining the types of sandwich boards / sidewalk signs we offer:

But all the marketing power of a sidewalk sign hinges on one important factor: what you put on it. If you think that “Antiques This Way” is going to draw new local customers, you’re not using your sidewalk sign correctly.

If you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve done the brainstorming for you. We’ve scoured the web for the most creative uses of sidewalk signs we could find. Keep reading for our top 12 picks.

For your inspiration..

If your goal is to bring customers through your doors, you have to think creatively. Kick start your creative juices with these 12 examples of how to use a sidewalk sign in the best ways.

1. Highlight Your Reviews

In the world of branding, no publicity is bad publicity. Take this sidewalk sign for example, that turns a bad review into a hilarious introduction into the culture of the establishment.

2. Parking? No Parking? Free Parking?

If you’re lucky enough to have a business on a busy city street and have parking, you need to let customers know. But if all you have is a driveway for your delivery guy, then you need a ‘no parking’ sign to keep that space clear instead.

3. An Oldie But a Goody

You’ve probably seen this one before, and for good reason. With whiskey sales up and millennials finding a taste for bourbon, this is both funny and data-driven marketing for bars everywhere.

4. Coffee > Your Significant Other

The same can be said for most things before coffee.

5. Gyms Can Be Funny, Too

Gyms serve up a different kind of beef than the restaurants who typically use sidewalk signs… but their sidewalk advertising can be just as creative.

6. On a Serious Note

Sidewalk signs are for more than businesses that have products and services to sell. Church’s can use great design elements and a modern touch to attract new parishioners or direct visitors for weddings, baptisms, etc.

7. Direct More Than Attention

Sidewalk signs direct more than just attention, they can also direct traffic. Use them in lobbies, waiting rooms, and hallways to tell visitors where to go or what to do.

8. Real Estate Advertising

Lawn signs are great for letting people know that a house is up for sale, but when it’s time for an open house, you need something portable, compact, and easy to store. Agents can throw this in the back of any sized car and be ready to advertise their open house in a jiffy.

9. Make The ‘No Smoking’ Message Clear

Either the ‘no smoking’ plaques placed on walls outside of stores, restaurants, and in public spaces aren’t effective, or they’re conveniently missed by smokers. When you’re tired of cleaning up cigarette butts on your property, make the message clear.

10. Nothing Like a Deal

There’s nothing quite like a deal to get customers into your store. With changeable, customizable inserts, you can advertise specials or sales to local shoppers who might not otherwise know about your great prices.

11. It’s Wedding Season

It’s wedding season and rustic weddings are in, in a big way. A sidewalk sign like this one is an excellent, antique-y addition to any rustic decor and it’ll fit nicely into even the most frugal of wedding budgets.

12. One For Everyone

Replace burgers with (literally) any other product, and you’ve got something for your sidewalk sign that’s catchy, relevant, and does the trick when you’re drawing blanks.

Ready to Start Your Sidewalk Campaign?

Sidewalk signs are an affordable way of marketing your brand, products, and services to local customers who happen to be walking by. Any business that relies on foot traffic can use them to catch the attention of passers-by with a message that makes them laugh, tells them about your sale, or expands on your message in some way. But they’re also great for directing traffic in lobbies and hallways, pointing out hard-to-find businesses, and as décor in the right settings.

SmartSign sidewalk signs are printed in full color and fully customizable. You can upload branded artwork or use our templates to get started designing your sign. Sidewalk signs are available in complete kits, including frames and one set of inserts, but you can also purchase the frame and inserts separately. Get started here.