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Keeping up employee morale

This post is part of a series celebrating SmartSign’s 15th Anniversary. In 15 posts, we reflect on lessons learned, good experiences, and company-wide changes that brought us to this milestone of success. You can view the entire series here.

Great companies are separated from good companies through the foundation of strong company culture and employee morale. One of the most fundamental aspects of company culture is the employee perspective on what it’s like to work for the company. SmartSign does a lot to ensure a good relationship with its employees: sick days, floating holidays, casual dress, and vacation time all allow for a nice work-life balance. But in addition to granting time off, SmartSign also creates a work-life balance within the company’s normal hours.

Pop out of that cubicle and come upstairs for snacks! From PublicDomainPicutres.

Pop out of that cubicle and come upstairs for snacks! From PublicDomainPicutres.

An in-house work-life balance encourages employees to form deep ties to the company and their coworkers. SmartSign believes in celebrating employee birthdays, anniversaries, and major accomplishments. A monthly brunch gives everyone the chance to catch up on recent events and form new friendships. The company also holds contests and games to keep morale high and coming to work fun.

Blair Brewster, CEO of SmartSign, said, “The Christmas and Halloween parties are extremely important. They build unity and keep creativity and diversity growing.” Both events are widely attended and anticipated. SmartSign holds three team building events a year in addition to these parties.

Tahyna Colon, Call Center Manager at SmartSign, said, “The call center can become very overwhelming with nonstop phone calls. It feels like it will never end! So when we have contests for sales, the amount of calls, or team builders for the whole company where we can eat, drink and play games to blow off the stress of the job and to get to know each other better, it really helps build respect. After all, we are a family!”

Casual Friday

More employee morale = less time in heels! From PublicDomainPictures.

Company morale truly starts with the employer. CEO Blair Brewster makes it a priority to speak to his employees on a daily basis, talk about their projects with them, and give them suggestions. It’s easy to build a relationship and create a fun environment when you know a bit about the people who work for you!

An easy way to begin creating stronger employee morale is a simple “thanks” or “well done.” Ultimately, employees want to feel like their contribution matters. Another nice way to improve morale is to include some simple niceties: casual Fridays, early summer leave, and a nice coffee machine are all little perks that can make a big difference.

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