SmartSign Commemorates Men and Women in the Armed Forces This Memorial Day


May 28, 2012 — In honor of Memorial Day, SmartSign features a series of products commemorate veterans. Each year on the last Monday of May, Americans are called to spend the day reflecting on those who have died in the line of duty, patriotically serving their country.

A little extra Marine Pride on this day. (Via

What is Memorial Day about? First observed on May 30, 1868, Memorial Day had humble beginnings.  Originally conceived to commemorate fallen Union and Confederate soldiers immediately after the Civil War, men and women from around the country came to Arlington National Cemetery to place flowers on the graves of their fallen loved ones.   The date in late May was chosen because it did not commemorate any particular battle.  Instead, the holiday was meant to venerate any and all fallen American soldiers in the Civil War.  Despite the end of the war, Memorial Day’s beginnings were not categorized by national unity.  In fact, many Southern states chose not to adhere to the nationally recognized “Decoration Day” even after World War I.  However, throughout history Memorial Day evolved into a national holiday that not only commemorated Civil War soldiers but all American men and women who gave their lives serving their country.



Since its creation, Memorial Day traditions such as intricately folding the American flag and wearing red poppies have come and gone, but the spirit of Memorial Day is still alive and well.  Today, large Memorial Day parades occur in America’s cities with significant celebrations in New York and Chicago.  Both a day of remembrance and an unofficial marker for the beginning of summer, Memorial Day is a classically all-American holiday, usually accompanied by family gatherings and barbecues.


This parking sign guarantees that veterans always have a space reserved, like new initiatives from Wounded Warriors Family Support (Via

SmartSign approached this Memorial Day with veterans in mind.  With the release of special parking designations for wounded or disabled veterans, those who have been injured in the line of duty will have particular special treatment when it comes to parking.

While you most likely won’t be wearing poppies this Memorial Day, there are plenty of other ways to commemorate the men and women in service.  From all of us at SmartSign, Happy Memorial Day, and be safe.

– S. Walsh