Decorative Signs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the benefits of using Decorative Signs?


Following are the benefits of decorative signs:

Hard to Miss:
Whether you want to display your organization’s business hours or your HOA’s parking rules, decorative signs have an appeal and can’t be missed by anyone passing by.

Improves Appearance:
Decorative signs give a rich and welcoming look to any property and enhance its value, whether residential or commercial.

Great Impression
Visitors and guests really appreciate your brand and services if the signs are visually pleasing. Signs leave a great impression on customers and sometimes help in boosting business and building repeat customers too.

Great Gifts
Decorative designer signs are great gift ideas. Whether it is a housewarming party, birthday, anniversary, or felicitation, you can give your loved ones an architecturally beautiful sign with a personalized message that they can always cherish.

Q. What are the different applications of Designer Signs?


Displaying Address Numbers and Names
One of the most common uses for decorative signs is in the display of house numbers. With unique shapes, residents want their address signs to stand out. You can also choose to display the family name on the sign.

Displaying Rules/Safety Messages
These signs are widely used in camping sites, outdoor playgrounds, stadiums, and even industrial parks where it is important to convey certain prohibitions like “No Smoking” and general information right at the entrance.

Elegant Welcome Signage
These are perfect welcome signs for vacation homes, country houses, beach properties, gated communities, farms, swimming pools, gardens, and more. Elegant and beautiful, decorative signs give a warm welcome to everyone visiting.

Q. Can decorative signs help improve navigation in a facility?


Decorative Signs are not just for design and decor purposes but can help improve navigation on a property. You can create personalized designer signs with arrows and directions and direct people to a designated location. If your facility experiences a high traffic flow, decorative wayfinding and directional signs make a lot of difference in how the traffic flows seamlessly, provide information and guidance, help locate various rooms, facilities, entrances, exit ways, and other locations with ease. Whether it’s a large business park, a hotel, a university campus, an office, an event ground, or a hospital, decorative arrow signs tell everyone where they need to go and how to get there.

Q. What is the importance of reflective designer house number signs?


Reflective Designer House Number Signs are not just appealing but easy to spot too. Especially at night and with low lighting, reflective signs offer great help in locating the designated place. It is very important that house numbers are clearly visible to emergency responders, especially at night when visibility is nil. If house number signs are retroreflective, Police, Fire, and EMS responders can provide lifesaving services to you and your family 24 x7.

Q. How to care for Decorative Aluminum Signs for longer life?


It is very easy to care for Decorative Aluminum Signs. Simply wipe the designer signs with soap and water using a soft cloth. If your aluminum sign has a protective laminate, you may use a citrus-based cleaner with a cleaning mix of 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% water. Cleaning the sign with a small amount of cleaner using a fresh cloth will remove all the dirt, grime, harsh winds, rain, and mud from the decorative signs. To prevent bending, denting, or warping of signs, do not install them where heavy winds could blow them into other objects.

Q. What do oval and round signs signify?


Oval and round shapes signify wholeness, security, and comfort. These signs are mostly used in community signs since they lack any sharp points and are soft on the eyes. With no end or beginning, round signs represent a closed community and security, while ovals are generally used for friendly, polite notices.

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Looking for Decorative Signs?
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