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Design Your Own Custom Signs: Frequently Asked Questions


Fully customizable signs are visual communication tools that allow users to create absolutely new sign designs from scratch based on creativity and requirements. These ‘Design Your Own Signs’ do not follow a pre-made template. It helps customers with more control over their signage and the creative liberty to decide what their signs will say and how they will look. One may add their own message and modify elements such as graphics, fonts, colors, etc. The printing can be done in full color to create bright and beautiful signs.

SmartSign also provides design assistance, absolutely free of cost. We can turn your ‘tissue paper’ sketch into a real sign in no time!


Custom signs can be made using a variety of materials to suit different environments and applications. Custom metal signs are the more long-lasting signs suitable for a variety of municipal, traffic, industrial, commercial, and other applications. Their more affordable counterparts are custom plastic signs, perfect for stores, workplaces, private use, etc.

Custom signs are also available in the adhesive label layout made of vinyl and polyester materials. These make great floor markers as well as glass window and door decals.


Custom signs have widespread applications in a variety of settings. Retail establishments can use these to announce sales and offers, new launches, contact information, etc. Custom signs can also be used to achieve better organization through color-coding, directional marking, indicating workflow, and so on. Facilities can use these tools to communicate their policies, convey SOPs, specify warnings, prohibitions, and instructions, and more.

Designer custom signs make rather feasible investments when an establishment wants to stand out from the crowd. These elegant signs are designed to complement a structure’s architecture and decor and can be personalized with logos, names, taglines, timings, etc.


Investing in a custom sign can prove beneficial for any business and give them that much-desired competitive advantage over other businesses. Custom signs present great advertising opportunities that can be utilized in a number of ways, including branding, promotions, announcements, offers, and more.

Adding a business logo to a custom sign can help the business establish and/or build upon its recall value. Providing contact information can help establish a positive reputation by giving potential customers an option to get help during out-of-operation hours.

Businesses can also use these signs to create a buzz about an upcoming event or product, add a one-liner or a unique statement that intrigues or amuses potential customers, thereby increasing foot traffic and more. Custom signs pack unlimited possibilities that can be banked upon with a little bit of creativity and a clear understanding of the desired outcome.


There are several things one must consider when designing a custom sign. One of the most important considerations is the sign’s purpose, such as advertising, informational, prohibitory, etc. Depending on the purpose, one can decide the message that the sign should convey. Another important aspect to think about is the sign placement, which may have a bearing on the sign material and sign size. For instance, a plastic sign may not be a good idea in a hot environment, and a small sign may not work well when the viewing distance is considerable.

One should also give sufficient thought to the sign shape , which may depend on any applicable regulations and standards. Sign colors and fonts are equally important considerations and can significantly impact the effectiveness of a custom sign. Once these details have been figured out, it may be worth exploring possibilities like adding contact details, USPs, logos, and so on.

Looking to Design Your Own Custom Sign?
Looking to Design Your Own Custom Sign?
Add company logos or designs - customization is absolutely free!