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Custom Plastic Signs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are plastic signs better or metal signs?


Plastic and metal are both popular sign materials that suit different needs, environments, and often, budgets. Plastic signs are usually lightweight and most suitable for regular use in standard, everyday conditions. On the other hand, metal signs are mostly heavier and ideal for use in outdoor conditions involving elements such as heat, chemicals, winds, and so on. While both types of signs are rather versatile and sufficiently durable, plastic signs may get the job done for you in most situations at a lower price compared to their metal counterparts.

Q. What are the advantages of using plastic signs?


Plastic signs present the perfect combination of versatility, performance, and affordability. Suitable for various industrial, commercial, and personal applications, most plastic signs can be used both indoors and outdoors. These are often available in varying shapes, sizes, thickness options, and a range of colors, often wider than that available for metal signs.

You may use these as safety signs, nameplates, novelty signs, yard signs, address markers, and more. Quick to install and easy on the pocket, these are great for temporary as well as long term use. With just a little bit of care and proper storage, these signs can often last you for years.

Q. What are custom plastic signs? Can anyone create them?


Custom plastic signs are just like your regular plastic signs, except that these can be personalized in a host of different ways. You can add your choice of text, modify the font, select a color, edit certain design elements, and so on.

We make creating a custom plastic sign extremely easy. Our wide variety of templates in a range of colors, sizes, and printed as well as engraved styles will leave you spoilt for choice. You may select the template you like and simply follow our user-friendly customization wizard to get a sign that’s uniquely yours.

Q. Why are custom plastic signs popular?


Custom plastic signs are popular for offering all the benefits of plastic signs with the added advantage of getting a truly unique sign. Businesses and individuals often have particular requirements in terms of how their sign should look and what it should say. With custom plastic signs, they do not need to settle with what’s available. These signs give them complete control to design as they desire, often at the same price as ready-to-ship signs.

Q. Where can custom plastic signs be used?


Just about anywhere! Given their versatility, custom plastic signs offer many uses in workplaces, homes, shops, schools, hospitals, parks, swimming pools, and so on. Businesses may use these signs to stand out and highlight their USPs without spending a bomb.

Facilities can use these signs to communicate their business hours, appointment scheduling details, etc., by adding timings, contact names and numbers, and other relevant information on the signs. Portable custom plastic signs may be used to communicate offers, events, important information, etc., and be easily put away when no longer needed.

Looking for Custom Plastic Signs?
Looking for Custom Plastic Signs?
Lightweight yet sturdy. Available in a host of sizes. Free customization.

Top Selling Custom Sign Types

  • In various sizes, up to 72" across.
  • Available in a wide range of colors.
  • Keep your facility safe, secure and well organized.
  • Stylish signs to match your contemporary property.
  • Easy to personalize Custom Plaques in 100s of designs.
  • Design from scratch. Choose any shape and size.